Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birth Story: Cheryl's

Hi Mama Chiqui,

Just wanted to let you know that we gave birth two weeks ago. Although I don't have a birthing story - I did blog about things that I remembered during my C-section. :)

They glued my skin on the outside and kept the stitches inside. Amazing on progress. I've been walking around a day or two after the surgery and have been carrying Colin Edward around the same time since I had to breastfeed and comfort the little one in our hospital room. Ed was abit scared to carry him during the first few he's bottle feeding him and looking forward to it. :)



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~currant7 said...

hi mama chiqui,
thank you for posting our birthing story on your website!
although we didn't go through a natural birth, the whole birthing experience is something i'll always remember, just like our wedding day. :)

ed, cher & little colin

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