Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birth Story:BY Akiko Thompson & Chip Guevarra

Akiko was an Olympic Swimmer

20100905 Aug. Birth Class PCC # 190

First Baby

May I share to you Akiko's email, with her permission ofcourse...Her class mates have already given birth as well and I'm still waiting to hear from all of them.

dec. 17, 2010

hi chiqui! thought i would write a shorter version of my birth story for you, but dont know when i'll

get to it!! (this is already somewhat edited from the original!). we can't thank you enough for your

involvement in this pregnancy, your classes were SO helpful in preparing us. thank you.

how blessed i am to have 2 brosas coaches in my life!!! :)

god bless you. have a blessed christmas!!!


a pix of our noah who will be one month tomorrow :)

Dear Akiko,

I had no doubts that you could do the natural birth even if you ended up giving birth at home or in the water.

Chip and you were great students. I'm sure you applied everything I taught and more!

God bless you, Chip and Noah. May He grow up healthy and an olympian swimmer, just like his mom!

Love you lots!


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