Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birth Story of: Louella Ramos Serrano & Paul John Serrano, Natural all the way but not much w poise

    • hi miss chiqui, yes po you can tag the photos. i just gave birth last sunday, natural all the way po but not much with poise.  i was not able to take classes from you po kasi i live in quezon city. maybe i'll enroll under your class when i get pregnant with my second baby  thanks po!

Placenta, inner side of the baby

Babies are alert & can see at birth

Initial latch

 First family picture

Happy Birthday Pelikitot!

    • thanks miss chiqui! i was surprised to see your post, it wasn't just a birth story, you also turned it into a love story. paul and i appreciate it very much. we're flattered! hope you would continue to inspire more women in the future. i'll share this with my friends. thanks a lot!

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