Friday, June 1, 2012

Birth Story: I was 30 wks & 5 Sheryl Evangelista Baculinao

Congrats! Glad to know you and baby are fine. Why did you get a CS? Kuwento naman. May I post some of your photos in my site? Chiqui

thank you, Chiqui!

I would have wanted vaginal delivery, like with my first two daughters, but it was just too risky for the baby. I was rushed to the hospital Monday night because my water bag was leaking. I was 30 weeks and 5 days then. They kept me in the hospital and tried to make the leak stop, to no avail. Thedoctors' goal was to keep the baby inside until at least 34 weeks, so I can deliver her normally, as I would have wished. This morning, my water bag ruptured completely, my contractions wont stop, and my discharge was bloody. they had to take out the baby right away via C-section, because she was in transverse position. At 31 weeks and 2 days, Sarah was delivered.

She's now in the incubator, but her Pedia tells me that she's doing very well. Praying for her so she will continue to thrive beautifully, and so that we can take her home soon.

You may post my photos, of course. Thanks for asking. By the way, I just learned that my friend Therence Vizconde pala took private lessons with you. That's awesome! Cant wait to meet her baby boy.


Happy Birthday Sarah!

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