Wednesday, November 7, 2018

20181021 Video Testimony from blogger “Teach w Joy”

PCC 289 October 21, 2018 The Parenting Emporium, QC

I was pleasantly surprised when Joy contacted me to find out the schedule of my next Childbirth Class. I thought maybe she would refer me to a preggy friend, only to find out it was for her. This is her sixth time to attend my class. Yes this is her 6th baby with me! How wonderful to have her! She lives up to her name because she’s really a positive joyful person. 

She and Edric shared their birth stories to their classmates who eagerly listened. I was sure they were more than encouraged because of the sharing. I pray that this 6th birth will be her easiest labor & birth! God bless you both as you lead others into good parenting. 

You should follow Joy’s blog as she shares her joys & challenges in being a wife and a mother. 
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