Thursday, April 7, 2011

May, a month to celebrate birth couples!

May, dedicated to pregnant couples who want to learn about their labor & birth in the privacy of their own home. Very personalized.

Schedule: One On One Private Birth Class starting on your 6th month.

Frequency: One whole day or two half day sessions. 

Rate: Full payment on day one, non refundable.

Contact: Olive 0917-88BIRTH (24784)


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Dana Villalas said...

Hi Ms. Brosas,
I am an American RN currently in between jobs. I'm visiting my father for 5 weeks in Bohol, but since when I return to the States I would like to pursue a labor and delivery job, I would love to reeducate myself on childbirth. How much are your one-on-one classes? And/or do you know of any childbirth resources I can look into (i.e. contacts doula training workshops in PI. I took the training many many years ago and need a refresher.) My name is Dana and my email address is . Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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