Saturday, September 24, 2011

Article: on Chiqui, One Woman’s Faith and A Great God’s Faithfulness

 Written by Joana Rizza Bagano for SAVED Newmagazine 2011

“Thank You Lord for this baby,” came the whisper. It was a hope that laid bare the humble longing of a mother for a son. God saw Chiqui’s faith and much to her surprise, ended her seven year-long wait. Her second child, was finally on his way.

Flashback: 1975 Miss Universe Pageant, El Salvador. 4th Runner-up Chiqui Brosas recalls those years she basked in the limelight. It was temporary. She says she had to decide what to do next. She chose to go back to school. Chiqui finished a degree in International Business Administration but it didn’t occur to her then that one day she would be putting up her own business. She didn’t have any idea she would become a childbirth educator. While on her first job Chiqui met her handsome gentleman, business magnate husband. To him she became a dedicated housewife and a mother to their lovely children.

While expectant with her second child, Chiqui took Lamaze classes. These taught expectant mothers many ways to work with the labor process to reduce the pain associated with childbirth. He came after 15 hours of labor, which was how long the textbooks would describe labor. “It was painful but it was beautiful,” Chiqui remembers. “My son was born praising God as he waived his hands up in the air. It is this moment I often look back to to remind me of God’s continues love and faithfulness,” she added. It was right after Chiqui delivered him that her passion for childbirth classes started. She knew she wanted to become a childbirth educator. “I wanted to teach women another way to give birth rather than just being knocked out. I wanted them to have their partners by their side to share with them this wonderful event in their lives and to start the bonding between mother, father and baby.”

Chiqui looks back over the years and praises God for all the steps He let her take. She has been a widow for a few years now and God has proved faithful to her family by providing them with just enough and more. “God is truly an awesome, great and wonderful God! He stays true to His word. He will always fulfill His promise. He stays faithful even if we are not at times because that is what He is, faithful,” Chiqui said.

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