Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prepared Childbirth Class # 205 Nov-Dec 2011

 As of Nov. 21, 2011

IMPORTANT! Class is cancelled!!! Replaced by a Crush Course in Birth Class with dates:
You can still pre-register and start in any of the dates.

Class 1- Sunday    Nov. 20  2-5pm  Santuario de San Antonio, Rm 6
Class 2  Saturday  Nov.  26 9-12pm (bring your lunch), Pasig
Class 3  Saturday  Nov. 26  1-4pm  Pasig
Class 4  Sunday    Nov. 27 9-12pm Pasig

Same procedure to pre-register, etc. Please read information  below.
Contact Olive: 0917-4770628

NOTE: Subject to change, esp. venue, so please visit this site a day before the class, esp. the first class.

Prepared Childbirth Class
PCC 205
NOVEMBER- DECEMBER 2011 (4 Sundays)

DATE: Nov. 27, Dec. 4, 11, 18
TIME: 2:00-5:00PM

VENUE: Soliman Corporation Center
2182 Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati (formerly Pasong Tamo)
Room 1, 3rd floor or 6th floor (ask lobby receptionist)

or (it is likely going to be held at Santuario:)
Santuario de San Antonio
Function Room 6
Mckinley Rd., Forbes Park

Directions: ground floor is BPI, between Herald Suites & Oriental Plaza, near Makati Cinema Square but on the other side of the street. PARKING: First come first serve on the parking slots of the establishments beside Soliman building. You can also try across the building, they sometimes allow it or in Makati Cinema Square parking.

BRING: exercise mat or beach towel, 2 pillows, ball point, paper, food & drink for yourselves, wear comfy clothes: pants/ leggings/ jogging outfit/ shorts/ slippers/ sandals

TOPICS: Everything you need to know about labor and birth. Included are: relaxation techniques, breathing, pushing, pregnancy exercises, nutrition, how to turn a breech baby, signs of labor, phases of labor, drugs and medication, CS, breastfeeding, birth plan, newborn and hospital procedures, role of your coach, massages & other comfort measures, emergency birth, and so much more.

Charges on day one, non refundable.


YES2BIRTH [Names][month you will join][OB][Hospital][EDD/estimated due date][mobile #][landline residence & office #][email][how did you 1st learn about my class][Facebook account]

NOTE: Please complete contact information so we could inform you if there will be any changes in the schedule, venue or time.

GLOBE: Olive +63917-4770628

ONE ON ONE: Private classes can be arranged in your home. One whole day or 2 half days. Full payment on day one, non-refundable or deposit to account before the class to reserve date and submit on first day of class  (ask Olive for account).

Facebook: [account name] Birth Times
Multiply: [account name] Chiqui Brosas

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