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Birth Story: by Miche Paralejo-Yanez & Paul Yanez

20110918 Birth Class PCC # 202

November 9, 2011
Paul Yañez
  • Hi Mrs. Chiqui, my wife gave birth yesterday Nov, 8, 2011 via normal delivery. She was induced by our OB kasi her amniotic fluids were low normal. She's past her due date narin by 2 days..Anyway, we got to the hospital around noon time, Monday and she was given Buscopan & Cerviprime upon arrival. By 9 pm, blood came out already and she was 3 cm dilated. Then by 12 midnight she was already around 4-5cm dilated and she was already begging for for the epidural so the doctors gave it to her. When the doctors did an IE around 2am we were all surprised to see that she was already 9cm dilated. My wife started to push around 3 am and our baby came out around 04:14am.

    Your class really helped us a lot. Through out the entire labor, we didn't feel lost and can relate to what the doctors were telling us. Thank you very much! 

Birth Class, this is how I want a hand massage.

  • hi ms. chiqui! happy new year! sure you can grab photos! 

    My OB decided to induce me since my amniotic fluid was low and my cervix wasnt progressing- (less than 1cm) and the contractions that ive been feeling wasnt enough. I was induced around 1pm on Nov.7 and right after that i was contracting1-2 mins of interval. They gave me cerviprime and buscopan to be injected on me every 4 hrs. I felt the contractions right away and was in pain. got stuck at 1cm for almost 8 hrs. and around 9pm my cervix measured 3cm. At that time i was already begging for epidural since my contractions were constant (less than a minute a part) and lasting for 1 min. But the doctors said that they can't give me epidural yet. At that time, i was giving up on having a normal dlivery because i couldnt handle the pain. Good thing my mom and my husband (was admitted at the high risk pregnancy unit in St lukes global) was there to motivate me to have a normal delivery. Around 1130pm my cervix was already 5 cm so they decided to give me the epidural. But it lasted for 2 hrs only, i was crying and was in extreme pain. around 230am they checked and said that i was fully dilated and around 4am i gave birth already.

    The childbirth class helped a lot since it gave me an idea on what will happen during labor and delivery. My doctor told me that i pushed well and that my breathing was correct.  Thank you for having a class like this bec it prepares future parents how to handle childbirth!

    Sari Gabrielle

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