Saturday, August 16, 2014

20140817 Testimony of Tanya Pivovarova & Kelvin De Chavez PCC #233 "very helpful for us even though I ended C-section!

Tatyana Pivovarova

Aug 7 (10 days ago)
to me
Dear Chiqui,
We wanted to thank you for your great class! 
It was very helpful for us, even though I ended up having C-section, but 15 hours of contractions and other events wouldnt be taken by us easier if we wouldnt attend your class.
Here are some pics of our baby girl Anastaciya. She turned 2 months on August 5. :)
Thank you and God bless your work and ministry! 
Tatyana and Kelvin De Chavez

Rose Marie B. Hahn

Aug 9 (8 days ago)
to Tatyana
you're welcome! congrats ! you have lovely daughter. she can lift her head at 2months! wow ang strong nya!

may i copy you email & put in my site together w the pictures?

god bless!


Tatyana Pivovarova

Aug 9 (8 days ago)
to me
Thank you, Chiqui!
Sure you may post them :)
God bless you!

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