Tuesday, July 21, 2020

ONLINE CLASSES in JULY & AUG 2020 on Birth & The Newborn & Infant CPR

Who would have thought that our lives will change just because of a virus? The CoVid19 has become a pandemic & has shaken the whole world! Most of us remain quarantined because it’s the safest way to be especially for the pregnant women. This has become the new normal. Group gatherings have been prohibited & social distancing implemented.

Everyone went viral online webinars!!! Thank you to modern technology!

There are so many new moms to be who have tons of questions re. their pregnancy, birth and their newborn. To continue our desire to help new moms to be, we right away did Online Classes!

Here are the up coming Online Parenting Schedules:

*July 25 Sat. 10-5pm The Newborn, Breastfeeding & Postpartum

*Aug. 1 Sat. 10-5pm Labor and Birth

*Aug. 16 Sun. 1-5pm Most awaited Infant CPR & First Aid Class

Please Pre-register& avail of our
discount promos!
Go to "Contact" in www.birthtimes.net

You may also inquire from Rose +63920-9052737

Email: birthtimes@gmail.com

See you!

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