Friday, November 11, 2011

Birth Story: A & Y, Importance of Having a Doula

Doula, a labor support person who assists a laboring woman...

It seemed like it was only yesterday. As I look at the pictures, I am reminded of the wonderful birth we had. I was so beautiful and perfect. A had a peaceful glow right after her birth. She had a big sense of accomplishment in her face, like there is nothing that I could not do in this world, after experiencing a drug and intervention free birth. I could see Y so proud of being a first time dad and most of all a big support to A during one of the most difficult task a woman would have to go through in her life.. They both worked together to have the kind of gentle birth they had planned to have. And I am so very happy to have shared this fantastic, memorable event in their lives as their labor coach, their doula.

Dr. Martin de la Rosa, VRPMC. I went with the couple to meet their OB.

A knew what she wanted. She had so many questions as she shared her birth pan to her doctor.

The day has arrived, 2am her labor started!

VRPMC Lamaze Room is quite big. 

 The Doctor is explaining how far into labor we are in.

 OB join us every now and then.

I join them in the Lamaze room and we get settled and comfortable together waiting for the labor to progress. 

We stayed in the vertical position most of the time to speed up labor. 

Mother is exhausted from lack of sleep that night.


Inside the delivery room.

We've finally reached 10 cm.! We're ready to push. Here comes the baby! 

Good catch Doctor! Happy Birthday baby!

Father is captured by his daughters stare.

Mother meets her daughter for the first time. 

Too happy to describe the joy of holding her baby for the 1st time. 

Now we are a family! 

I share the joy with them. 

Alas, it is done! Natural all the way! All worth it!

A quiet gentle smile of achievement after the Bradley Birth.

 "The Amazing Team" after birth.

Family are excited to meet the new addition in the family. 

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