Friday, July 27, 2012

Article: Father compares 2 hospitals, Asian Hospital with Makati Medical Center

I think every birth is unique and special. We need to bring back the dignity in giving birth and treat the would-be-mothers and fathers with love and respect, especially in labor, when giving birth and after, while recovering.

It is a one in a life time experience so the would-be-daddy's should be allowed to be with their babies from beginning to end. More so, with their wives during the most enduring and difficult time of labor and birth. 

I came across this blog site in Face Book. It was shared by one of my students, Marta. She shared it to our group: Birthing Class #213 - Soon-to-be Parents 2012.

A father, Anton, relates the story of his second child who was born in Makati Medical Center, and compares it with the birth of hie first child who was born in Asian Hospital.

It's interesting. Please read... "The Birth of Baby Jpshua Xavier"

Baby Josh Nov. 2007 MMC

 100ml of umbilical cord blood sent to Stem Cord Stem Cells Bank in Singapore

Congratulations to Anton and Rachel for having baby Joshua!

 OB, Dr. Lilibeth Genuino who helped them have a successful Lamaze Birth

Note however that the comparison was made in 2007. I know that Makati Medical Center has
  added a new wing, the Dr. Manahan Center, where Lamaze & Bradley births are being held.

Just a s a side comment, my first born was born in Makati Medical Center some 30 years ago and she herself delivered her first born in the same hospital just last  January 2012. I was with her and our experience with the hospital staff was great. They were efficient and happy. A candle light dinner for the couple after the birth of their first born would have been perfect.

Asian Hospital, Philippines
Photo by John Muzi

Makati  Medical Center, Philippines

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