Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Article by Chiqui: My First on Childbirth Class 20050525

Although my birth experience with my first child was natural, meaning no anesthesia or intervention, terrific and meaningful, my interest in teaching these classes happened after the birth of my second child. It was such a wonderful experience! I was very prepared for the birth, I took Lamaze classes. I was very fortunate to have two labor coaches with me. One was a famous singer, Carla Martinez who sang praise songs throughout the whole birth. My son came out praising the Lord with his hands waving in the air. It was fun giving birth to my son! I had a God fearing doctor, Mayette Sapaula who prayed silently before my delivery. I captured it all on film. My other coach, Grace Zorilla took the moving camera. My sister in law Suzette was at the window next door watching the whole event. Later on she said she thought I was going to die! She was single then and this was the first time she sow a live birth. Later on I was in turn with her in one of her births. My husband? He was in the waiting room nervous as ever. He was like one of many who would faint at the sight of blood and to hide his nervousness would be more jittery and panicky than I. I found it best not to force him to be with me in the birth or I might be more concerned for him than giving birth myself. 

My son is going 16 years old now and the memory of his birth still lives in my memory up to this day. As clear as crystal! I thought this was something I could share to other couples. I wanted to give back to them the dignity of birth. To educate them and give them the kind of birth they want. To equip and prepare them for their labor and birth. To have them play an active role in the whole process and give them the opportunity to bond as a family. I had the determination to want to learn more and become a childbirth educator. This has become my mission. Till next time again. Good morning! Chiqui

WednesDAY, MAY 25, 2005

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