Thursday, March 28, 2013

20130329 Article on First Time Father's Fears about Their Wives Birth

I sometimes ask my birth students what is the reason for their joining the class. Many share about their own fears in giving birth and in the hospital procedures.

In one particular birth class, I was surprised to find out that almost all of my would be mother's concern was with their husband's fear about their birth. Many were afraid of not knowing what to do during The Big Day, how they could help their wives. Other's joined because they wanted to understand what their wives were going though. Some wanted to bond with their wives and wanted to be involved. Some were afraid of blood. Other's were not sure of how they would react when they see their wives in pain. While many wanted to know when was the right time to take them to the hospital.

I've always liked the advice given by Robin Elise Weiss in her many articles regarding labor and birth. Here is one of them that I think would help new couples address the new dad's questions about their wives birth.

10 Things to Help Dad Cope in the Delivery Room
 by Robin Elise Weiss

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