Friday, July 9, 2010

Pain In Birth Described As Ecstacy

What is the first thing that enters your mind when I say, childbirth? Here are some answers from my students in my childbirth class; happiness, responsibilities, a gift, a healthy baby, motherhood, expenses, a son, joy, fatherhood...and without fail someone would mention, pain, fear, tension. The perception of many about the birthing process is generally negative.

For the many who voluntarily and purposely gave birth the Mother Nature's Way, meaning free of medication and intervention, to them it was all worth it. They would say it was so difficult and painful but all worth it. I have heard many fathers, who have called me after the birth of their baby, sounding euphoric, excited and very proud of their wives.

As a doula, I have seen many fathers with tears rolling down their cheeks as they kiss their wives right after the birth of their baby. They begin to appreciate their wives more and put a lot of value to the very hard work she has put in her labor. The bonding between husband and wife is enforced. Not to forget the obvious bonding created with their baby is even more evident as they begin their journey as a new family.

After seeing their baby born into the world unaffected with drugs eyes wide opened and staring and listening attentively to his parents voice, the pain of labor seems to wash away and the joy and love in their hearts begin to swell and take over. Yes it was very painful but it was all worth it. "I have no regrets, I would do it again," would be their common reply.

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