Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breathing in Labor

How important is it? I have yet to hear a mother tell me that breathing in labor was not helpful. I guess that's why childbirth preparation classes have been associated with breathing techniques. Although breathing is taught to cope up with the labor pain, it is also taught to give contenious flow of oxygen to their baby and ofcourse to distruct them from the pain brought about by the contractions. The breathing taught is only used during contractions and only when necessary other wise it would be too tiring for the mom. The breathing patterns are suppose to provide her a measure of "control" instead of screaming. Although mind you, others deal with their labor better while moaning and groaning, and yes, even screaming. That too should be accepted and considered normal. The only draw back is that it could be tiring. Most couples that attend a childbirth preparation class demand to be taught some sort of breathing method. Just as a simple reminder to all my preggy moms, remember that breathing should enhance relaxation and not interfere with it. To all my students who will yet give birth, may you have a memorable birthing experience, one that you desired.

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