Saturday, July 31, 2010

ARTICLE BY CHIQUI: The Right Way to Push the Baby Out

Pushing is one of the hardest work a woman will ever do in her life. It's like pooping your biggest poop ever, except that it is coming out of your private part. When you think about it, it's funny how this still needs to be taught. Shouldn't this be instinct like how dogs and cats do it? There are tow ways to push. One is spontaneously and the other is directed. Women need to know what is happening to their body at this point and what to do to speed baby's descent. Position is important, squatting ofcourse is the best position. Proper breathing, concentration and using the right muscles are essential as well. You only push during a contraction. One can actually shorten this stage by 15 or even 30 minutes if done properly. After giving birth to babies of my own, I appreciate my mother more and all the other women who have given birth before me. Aren't women amazing!

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