Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010 PCC 188 June, Pulse, Makati

Graduation day! All the best to all of you!


karina villamin said...

hi ms chiqui

we're glad to tell you that we delivered a normal baby boy last july 14, 6:53 pm. it's a good thing we just finished our lamaze classes last july 11 :) i delivered at 36 weeks and 2 days into my pregnancy, and saw my bloody show at 2 am... right at the height of the storm... good thing we didn't panic coz we knew what to expect because of what we learned in class. we got an epidural but was injected on my 8th cm... the labor was intense, but because of our class, we knew what to expect, and i calmed down everytime i reach the peak of the contraction... since we knew it will go down soon enough... the relaxation breathing and exercises was so helpful that even the doctors got so proud of us, and my husband... he didn't panic, and did what he was supposed to :) the epidural was a blessing in disguise, as said by our OB since we went into the Delivery room for 3 hrs. it turns out, my baby's umbilical cord was wrapped around his arm and leg, like a figure 8. any longer than what it took me, they would've cut me open already. due to 3 hrs of pushing, finally, my baby came ... and now at almost 3 weeks (and still breastfeeding) my baby mateo (that's his name) thank you for everything you've taught us :)

vince, karina and baby mateo villamin
batch 188

Unknown said...

congratulations karina!! so happy for you! can't wait for my turn- the suspense is killing me!- mika kairuz

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