Saturday, July 31, 2010

ARTICLE BY CHIQUI: The Right Way to Push the Baby Out

Pushing is one of the hardest work a woman will ever do in her life. It's like pooping your biggest poop ever, except that it is coming out of your private part. When you think about it, it's funny how this still needs to be taught. Shouldn't this be instinct like how dogs and cats do it? There are tow ways to push. One is spontaneously and the other is directed. Women need to know what is happening to their body at this point and what to do to speed baby's descent. Position is important, squatting ofcourse is the best position. Proper breathing, concentration and using the right muscles are essential as well. You only push during a contraction. One can actually shorten this stage by 15 or even 30 minutes if done properly. After giving birth to babies of my own, I appreciate my mother more and all the other women who have given birth before me. Aren't women amazing!

Article: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Mother's who are pregnant should avoid drinking alcohol. It is difficult to determine the safe level of alcohol one drinks during pregnancy so it is wise to obstain from it all together. The effects of alcohol are seen directly on the developing fetal cells. Pure alcohol-ethanol-interferes with the normal growth of the fetus and in cell division. The growth in both are retarded. In the cases of chronic alcoholic mothers who drank 5 ounces or more of pure alcohol a day, their babies were found to have problems with their nervous system, low birth weight, facial deformaties, brain damage, growth deficiencies. Women should be warned about the risk to their babies if they drink alcohol.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chiqui's Prepared Childbirth Class (PCC # 190) MOVED 1 WEEK! Starts Aug. 22 instead of 15, 2010!

Updated August 14, 2010

Sorry for moving the class one week after August 15. Chiqui was ready to start the class and felt she had already recovered from her sickness but her doctor advised her to extend her rest. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Our health is our wealth and that comes first, right? Thank you so much for your kind consideration on this matter. We will see you in a week, on August 22! Meanwhile stay healthy, relax and enjoy your pregnancy!
For any questions please feel free to get in touch. Contact details are below.

PCC # 190

4 consecutive Sundays
August 15 [cancelled]
August 22
August 29
September 5
September 12


a mat, 2 bed pillows, snack & drink for yourself, ball point & paper for notes, prepare to sit on the floor so wear pants or leggings (taking pictures of the class is allowed except videoing of the class)

Full payment upon registration on day one, non-refundable

Pulse Yoga Studio, 2289 UPRC III Bldg., Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati, Metro Manila
(Landmark: across Cherry Car repair Service, near Toyota)

Call Olive: 964-43-41
Text: +63917-88BIRTH (0917-8824784)
YES2BIRTH (names)(month you want to join)(venue you prefer, if you can go to any of the two venues please indicate, "any venue")(edd)(ob/hosp)(mobile)(landline)(email)(how did you first learn about Chiqui's Class)

Private One On One classes can be arranged
Exclusive Group Classes can be arranged

For more photos and to receive announcements on your email, please visit and invite me at:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breathing in Labor

How important is it? I have yet to hear a mother tell me that breathing in labor was not helpful. I guess that's why childbirth preparation classes have been associated with breathing techniques. Although breathing is taught to cope up with the labor pain, it is also taught to give contenious flow of oxygen to their baby and ofcourse to distruct them from the pain brought about by the contractions. The breathing taught is only used during contractions and only when necessary other wise it would be too tiring for the mom. The breathing patterns are suppose to provide her a measure of "control" instead of screaming. Although mind you, others deal with their labor better while moaning and groaning, and yes, even screaming. That too should be accepted and considered normal. The only draw back is that it could be tiring. Most couples that attend a childbirth preparation class demand to be taught some sort of breathing method. Just as a simple reminder to all my preggy moms, remember that breathing should enhance relaxation and not interfere with it. To all my students who will yet give birth, may you have a memorable birthing experience, one that you desired.

PHOTOS 20100620 PCC 188 July Class, Pulse Makati

Today our Childbirth Class ends. We will be celebrating our lunch (pot luck) together. I wish you all the best birth you could ever imagine.

Friday, July 9, 2010

FREE Breastfeeding Class on July 17!

When: July 17, Saturday
Time: 2:00-5:00pm
Location: Organics Asia, Inc., Unit 401 Emerald Place , 604 Shaw Boulevard , Pasig City
Topics to be discussed include:
Benefits of Breastfeeding, Different Positions and Correct Latch, Getting Breastfeeding Off to a Great Start, Medical Benefits and Concerns for the Breastfeeding Family, Overcoming Common Challenges, Working and Breastfeeding, Lactation and Relaxation Massage.

Speakers: Zeny and Mommy Cher
Pot luck for 4-6 people
For preggy moms bring a baby doll and if you’ve given birth, bring your baby too!

To pre-register text or call: 0919 702 8619 / 0926 713 8377
Thank you! Chiqui


Labor Kit
Birth Plan
Post Partum
Rooming In
Preterm Labor
Signs of Labor
Warning Signs
Proper Breathing
Caesarian Section
Hospital Procedure
Terms & Definitions
Drugs & Medication
Pregnancy Exercises
Relaxation Exercises
Tests & Interventions
New Born Appearance
Turning a Breech Baby
Stages & Phases of Labor
Body Changes & Discomforts
Comfort Measures & Massages
How to Stay Healthy and Low Risk

Office hours: 6362721loc. 529
Mobile:+63917-88BIRTH [0917-8824784]
YES2BIRTH [names][month you want to join PCC][edd][ob/hosp.][mobile][land line][email][how did you first learn about my class]
Private One On One Birth Class can be arranged!
For pictures please visit & invite me to be your contact:

Chiqui's Prepared Childbirth Class (PCC # 189) starts July 18, 2010!

Join Chiqui's Prepared Childbirth Class # 189!

This is my August Class 2010! Don't miss it! Pre-register now!

Purpose of the class is to prepare couples for your big day for what ever kind of birth you will have. The class aims to empower women through education and certifies their partner so that he could join her in the birth of their new born baby. Highly recommended by care providers for easier management of labor and birth.

When? Starts July 18, 25, Aug. 1, 8
Days? 4 consecutive Sundays
Time? 9-12:30pm
Venue? 23 Florida St., Greenhills, Mandaluyong City, Pulse Yoga Studio
What to bring? mat, 2 bed pillows, snack & drink for you, ball point & paper for notes
What to wear? comfy lose clothes, preferably pants, leggings or shorts [we're seated on floor]
Settlement? full payment on day one, non-refundable
Who can attend? all pregnant couples [your partner could also be your best friend or sister]

Directions? EDSA south bound to Makati right at Connecticut St. after Santolan between
Caltex & Petron headed towards Greenhills, 1st st. left at the corner of
Kentucky Fried Chicken, that's Florida St., left side

How to pre-register?
Call Olive: 964-4341
Text Olive: +63917-88BIRTH (0917-8824784)
YES2BIRTH [names][month you want to join PCC][edd][ob/hosp.][mobile][land line][email][how did you first learn about my class]

To see pictures & to receive announcements please invite me to be your contact in Multiply:

Pain In Birth Described As Ecstacy

What is the first thing that enters your mind when I say, childbirth? Here are some answers from my students in my childbirth class; happiness, responsibilities, a gift, a healthy baby, motherhood, expenses, a son, joy, fatherhood...and without fail someone would mention, pain, fear, tension. The perception of many about the birthing process is generally negative.

For the many who voluntarily and purposely gave birth the Mother Nature's Way, meaning free of medication and intervention, to them it was all worth it. They would say it was so difficult and painful but all worth it. I have heard many fathers, who have called me after the birth of their baby, sounding euphoric, excited and very proud of their wives.

As a doula, I have seen many fathers with tears rolling down their cheeks as they kiss their wives right after the birth of their baby. They begin to appreciate their wives more and put a lot of value to the very hard work she has put in her labor. The bonding between husband and wife is enforced. Not to forget the obvious bonding created with their baby is even more evident as they begin their journey as a new family.

After seeing their baby born into the world unaffected with drugs eyes wide opened and staring and listening attentively to his parents voice, the pain of labor seems to wash away and the joy and love in their hearts begin to swell and take over. Yes it was very painful but it was all worth it. "I have no regrets, I would do it again," would be their common reply.
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