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Prepared Childbirth Class # 217 November 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                               As of November 3, 2012

NOTE: Venue for the class will be in MAKATI CITY instead of Pasig. Sorry for the last minute change. We need a larger venue since there were some late registrants. See directions below. Thank you!

PCC # 217
Prepared Childbirth Class # 217

TIME: 2:00-5:00pm

DATES: Nov.4, 11, 18, 25 (4 consecutive Sundays) 

NOTE: Depends on availability of place & number of participants.
Soliman Corporation Center
2182 Don Chino Roces Ave. (fromerly Pasong Tamo), Makati
Ask lobby receptionist which room and floor
On the ground floor is BPI atm
Near Makati Cinema Square and Japnese Town. Park on the available slots along the road


Robinson Circle Subdivision along H. P. Javier St., ( you have to go in the subdivision to find the condo. The condo. is not along H. P. Javier St.) 338 Dona Feliza Condo., Unit 325, Pasig City, Tesa's Yoga Studio
DIRECTIONS to Pasig venue:
If your coming from Meralco Ave. headed towards Shaw, when you reach ULTRA (or what is now called the Dept.Ed. on your left side), turn left to H. P. Javier. Now you're headed towards Shaw Blvd. You will pass on your left side, Valle Verde Country Club & Nipa Hut Resto. Drive slowly or you might miss the subdivision to your left side. Left to Robinson Circle Subdivision, the street loops like a horseshoe so there are 2 entrances. Once you're inside the subdv. in front of the empty lot is a Dona Feliza Condominium. Ask guard for Tesa's Yoga Studio, Unit # 325, 2nd floor.
NOTE: If you're coming from Meralco Ave. and you entered H. P. Javier St. and you've passed, on your left side, Phoenix Subdivision or Canley Rd. or Victoria Court, then you have missed the venue, Robinson Circle Subdivision.

BRING: Exercise mat or towel, 2 bed pillows, ball point/pen, paper for taking down notes, snacks & drinks for yourselves

WEAR: Casual comfy clothes, pants, leggings or shorts, close neck shirt. Prepare to seat on the floor. If you wish, bring cushions & back support like pillows for your comfort.

REGISTRATION IS A MUST! Text or Email, complete information so we could inform you of any changes.

"YES2BIRTH/ Month you will join/ Names (include your partner)/ OB/ Hosp./EDD (est. due date)/ Mobile/ Landline Home & Office/ Email/
How did you 1st learn about Chiqui Brosas (pls be specific, ex. ref. by OB (give name), relative or friend, search engine (what did you type), reading material (name which one ex. Baby Magazine, Mommy Pages, etc.), TV (name which show), hospital (who referred, which hospital & what department ex. information, doctors clinic flyer, birthing suite station by nurse, etc.), FB, Internet forum ( ex. W@W)...
What's your Facebook email/ Multiply name/

Birth GLOBE: 0917-88-BIRTH (247-84)
Birth SMART: 0908-1377-086 (for texting only)

ONE ON ONE: Private Birth Class also available for one whole day or two half days in comfort of your home.

AVAILABLE SERVICE: Hire a Doula or Professional Labor Coach during your birth

CANDID PHOTO SHOTS: What better way to capture your wonderful birth experience & remember the first time you held & smelled your baby? Have my daughter take photos of you:
1.) Labor & birth, the first time you & your husband bonded with your newborn, your first family photo
2.) Newborn rooming-in with mommy & daddy/ Nursery experience
Rej has gone through a natural birth herself. She nows how it's like to be in your shoes. She has been in
2 of my births & has been my doula at both births. She exclusively breastfed & is still doing so.
Pleas visit the fantastic photos she took of some births:


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