Sunday, December 30, 2018

20181125 Welcome Brianna Elise!

 In the bible it says,...

Psalm 127:3-5 New International Version (NIV)
Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from him.
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
    are children born in one’s youth.

It was drizzling and  & the sky was grey but inspire of the weather, I looked forward to Brianna’s baptism & excited that this tiny four months old baby is now going to be a Christian. What a wonderful thing that myy 2 daughters are her God parents.

I can't help but reminisce the birth of Bri's mother, my God Child. It was twenty two years ago when I was in the the hospital waiting for her to be born. I was privileged to be the first one to see her. The nurse from the operating room brought Bri's mom out for the family see. She was so fair and beautiful even as a baby. I can’t believe ‘that my God Child is now a full grown woman with her very own baby Brianna.Indeed every child is a blessing to the Lord!

What a wonderful circle of life! Many of us realise that It is only when we become mothers ourselves that we fully understand the sacrifices, the pain & the joys of motherhood. Parenting is a serious matter. It defines the child & makes her who she is. We need to raise them in the fear & in the knowledge of God because it gives them their identity & the security they would need when they grow up as individuals.

Welcome to our Christian world!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

20181116 The Gate Theory

One of the topics we learned in the Burth Class was the Gate Theory. I think it’s a very interesting theory & makes me think if it was one of the reasons why I’m able to stand the stress & pain if my 5 labor’s.

This theory came into being in the early1960’s. It works by blocking the transmission of painful sensations from the bottom of the spinal colon, called the the “gate”,  by switching it “off” so it does not reach the nervous system on to the brain. The stimulants are massage pressure touch etc. .. That is why a labor partner/coach is very important to have. The best person would be your Husband because he is a person you can be relaxed with. Relaxation plays a very important factor in the Gate Theory.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

20181111 A Husband shares what he does to make Wife comfy in our Birth Class

As of 2018115

We go around the room in a circle and couples share what changes they have noticed in their wives ever since she got pregnant. Now that their wives are pregnant, they noticed that she has a lot of physical discomforts. One Father had the symptoms of pregnancy. He was the one craving for certain foods to eat.

In this video, a Husband shares what he does to make her feel more comfortable.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

20181111 Testimony of a young couple in re. Chiqui’s Class

It’s their 1st time to attend a Birth  Class!

Childbirth w/o Fear book by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read

Was so touched reading some of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read’s famous quotes from his book, Childbirth without Fear. Giving him tribute! So very grateful in his break through in being able to start Childbirth Classes during his era when women were being knocked out during our birth. Truly, he is the Father of Natural Childbirth!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

20181021 Video Testimony from blogger “Teach w Joy”

PCC 289 October 21, 2018 The Parenting Emporium, QC

I was pleasantly surprised when Joy contacted me to find out the schedule of my next Childbirth Class. I thought maybe she would refer me to a preggy friend, only to find out it was for her. This is her sixth time to attend my class. Yes this is her 6th baby with me! How wonderful to have her! She lives up to her name because she’s really a positive joyful person. 

She and Edric shared their birth stories to their classmates who eagerly listened. I was sure they were more than encouraged because of the sharing. I pray that this 6th birth will be her easiest labor & birth! God bless you both as you lead others into good parenting. 

You should follow Joy’s blog as she shares her joys & challenges in being a wife and a mother. 
“Teach with Joy” in Instagram and Facebook

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


 as of November 26, 2018
ONE DAY INTENSIVE BIRTH CLASS!!! Three dates to chose from!

IMPORTANT!!! Dec. 2 Birth Class will NOt push through. Cancelled!

AVAIL OF PROMO DISCOUNT OF P501. (if you pay in full before the class).
Text Lovely how to preregister & how much & where to deposit.


Saturdays. Subject to change so visit regularly to check.

PCC # 291       DECEMBER 2 Venue The Parenting Emporium, QC (CANCELLED!)
PCC # 291       DECEMBER 8 Venue Soliman Corporate Center, Makati
PCC # 291       DECEMBER 9 Venue The Parenting Emporium, QC

TIME: 8;30-5:30PM

WAZE: Rockwell Eastbay Residences
Km 21, East Service Road
Sukat, Muntinlupa

WAZE: Soliman Corporate Center 
2182 Chino Roces Ave. 
Legaspi Village, Makati
Street parking & in near by establishments w parking.

WAZE: The Parenting Emporium
29 1st Street, New Manila
Quezon City
LUNCH: We will have a 1 hour lunch break for those who want to eat out. You may also bring your own packed lunch & snacks & water/drinks. Please clean as you go. 

1. 1 Yoga Mat or beach towel
2. 2 Bed pillows & back support gadgets for yourselves while on the floor-optional 
3. Pen and paper for taking down notes. A manual will be provided.
3. Packed lunch, Snacks & water for yourselves. 
4. Baby doll or stuff toy & receiving blanket for swaddling.-optional

PREPARE TO SIT ON THE FLOOR for our pregnancy exercises & positions in labor. So wear casual comfy clothes, sandals, rubber shoes. Preggy moms can wear pants, leggings, shorts or long lose dress, preferably close neck blouse so nothing is seen when we bend over for floor exercises.

Topics cover everything you need to know about labor, birth & more. 
Session 1 AM: Lecture
Introduction, Common Complaints, Body Changes, Warning Signs, How to stay healthy, Anatomy, Terms & Definitions, How baby goes down the pelvis, Pregnancy Exercises, Progressive Relaxation, Nutrition, Goody bag, Birth Plan, SOP's on Hospital Procedures for Mother & the new born, Drugs Medication, Tests & Interventions, Cesarean...

Session 2 PM: Hands On
Role of the Coach, Signs of Labor, Phases & Stages of Labor, Breathing & Relaxation, Panic Routine, Positions in Labor, Massages & Comfort Measures, Breathing, Relaxation, Pushing & More. Awarding of Certificates

HOW TO PRE-REGISTER: Do so by texting the information below:
" YES2BIRTH (type date you will join) / (city venue of birth class)/ you & your partner's names/ EDD est. due date/ OB/ Hospital/ contact details mobile/ landline/ office no./ City of residence/ how did you learn about Chiqui/ email address/ Facebook account name/ Instagram account name/ " TEXT this to Lovely: +63920-905-27-37 (Smart).

Placenta Encapsulation (Traditional Chinese Method): Takes 1 week to deliver 80-150 capsules depending on size of the placenta. Only1-2 years life self. Learn more here. How to make it yourself.
Placenta Tincture: 7 weeks to deliver. Longer shelf life, almost no expiration date. You can order tinctureif you will do the placenta encapsulation. We don't take orders of just the tincture.

Benefits: It's hormonal make-up is completely special and unique to the mother.
           1. Helps uterus return normal size & shape
           2. Shorter postpartum bleeding
           3. Breast Milk often starts in quicker
           4. More Breast Milk production
           5. Hormone Stabilizer
           6. Decrease Baby Blues and PPD
           7. Decrease postpartum "night sweats"
           8. Increase Iron
           9. Increase in strength/stamina
          10. Increase in Mental Clarity
          11. Help you sleep better

Procedure: Ask your OB if your placenta is healthy and if you can bring it home. Right after the birth, instruct nurse not to put any chemicals or formalin. Put in a 1 pound zip lock plastic container. Better to double insulate. Put this in a cooler with ice. As soon as possible once you have a room, put the placenta that is still in a zip lock in the freezer. Inform for pick up asap (0920-9052737).

            A few women may have an allergic reaction to their placenta just disregard if it happens. No refund.

            Please submit clearance from your OB regarding status of pregnant mom: vaginal track (if ever, declare kind of infection), & negative on Hepatitis B and HIV. Submit together with placenta and full payment in cash. Note: We do not encapsulate if woman has Hepa B & if HIV positive.

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Saturday, November 3, 2018


As of Nov. 4, 2018


November 11, 2018!

Avail of discounted rate of P501.

Just pay full amount IN BDO before the class.
Also like & follow us in Face book & Instagram:

1st inquire by texting to: 0920-9052737 & 0905-0262524
You will receive a text on how to pre-reg. & avail of discount. 

Waze: The Parenting Emporium
29 1st Street, Quezon City


1 Yoga Mat or Beach Towel
2 bed pillows (optional)
Paper & ball pen for notes taking
Snacks & water for yourselves
Packed lunch for yourselves or eat out. 1 hour lunch break
Baby doll & receiving blanket (both optional)

Everything you would need to know about labor and birth like...
Body changes and discomforts
Danger Signs
Pregnancy Exercises
Anatomy & Important terms to remember
Breathing & Relaxation
Stages & Phases of Labor
Role of the Coach
Labor Kit
Birth Plan
Hosptital Procedures
Massages & Comfort Measures
Newborn & SIDS
and many more...

Thursday, July 12, 2018


as of 11.04.18

Pre-registration Procedure by TEXTING. 
Please read carefully. 

First text Love at 0920-9052737 & 09050262524 to send you how to pre-register & then pay in full before the class. Also like & follow us in FaceBook & Instagram: Birth Times
  1. Visit internet site to choose your preferred date & venue (city) for the class:
  1. Complete PRE-REGISTRATION Text to  +639209052737 & 09050262524 (Choose 1 or 2 days class. Both contain the same topics & fee is the same (non-refundable).
A. Preferred Class date(s) & City:
B. Name (preggy mom & partner):
C. EDD (estimated due date):
D. OB (obstetrician):
E. Preferred Hospital for birth: 
F. Your mobile #: 
G. Landline #:
H. Office #:
I. Email Address:
J. City where you reside:
K. Your Face Book name:
L. Your Instagram name:
M. How did u learn about Chiqui’s class? (If
search engine-what words did you type?/
referred by former student, friend, relative or OB/ Smart Parenting magazine/ article written by?/ which chat group or FB group? Others?)
  1. Text to submitting this form to complete pre-registration. 
  1. You will then receive a text regarding class fee. You may pay regular rate in class or better still avail of the P501 discount by making a full DEPOSIT (non-refundable) to the bank account below for the EARLY BIRTH PROMO (less P501.)
  1. Rose Marie Hahn:
  2. BDO # 0088-6002-3616
  3. Please take a picture of payment slip & “VIBER” it (to Globe & Smart # below) with your names, date & venue of the class.  
  4. Text to inform that payment was made to Smart # +639209052737 & 09050262524.
  5. After your payment is received & verified, you will receive final text confirmation re. your reserved slot (2-3 days).
  6. On the 1st day of the class please present payment slip or Viber message to Ms Chiqui Brosas (your Birth Coach).

Please visit & like us in Facebook & Instagram: BirthTimes

Pre-register by texting Lovely at the 2 numbers.
Viber deposit payment to two mobile numbers for cross reference. Thank you! 

Globe # +63905-0262524 &  
Smart # +63920-9052737

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