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PREPARED CHILDBIRTH CLASS #243 February, # 244 March & #245 April Class 2015

as of March 17, 2015

PCC # 243 February Class 2015

ADVOCACY: To empower women to have a gentle safe planned birth through education. 

RECORDING/TAPING: The rights of recording & taping are reserved so no recording or taping of the session is allowed. Only picture taking with your camera is allowed. Photos of all the participants are taken for filling/recording. Please advise us earlier if you do not like your photos to appear on the internet & you will be advised where to seat.

TIME:  Afternoon Sessions. 
            1:00-5:00pm February 01
            1:00-5:00pm February 08
            1:00-5:00pm February 15 
DATES: Subject to change without prior notice so visit blog site a day before the class...but if you are pre-registered, you will be advised of the changes.
            February 01 (1:00-5:00pm)
            February 08 (1:00-5:00pm) 
            February 15 (1:00-5:00pm)
Total number of classes is: Three Sunday's

NOTE: Childbirth Classes run every month. Only one batch given a month & is subject to change. Please
             pre-register! If you will cancel please advice us asap so we could give your slot to the others! These are
            usually 3 consecutive Sundays.
            TIME:   1:00-5:00PM

VENUE for March Class: Medela House, 29 1st St., New Manila, Quezon City
            PCC # 244 March Class 2015
                              March 01, 08, 15

VENUE for April Class: Medela House, 29 1st St., New Manila, Quezon City         
             PCC # 245 April Class 2015
                              April 05 (NO CLASS/ Holy Week)
                              Class starts on April 12, 19 & 26
VENUE for February Class: MAKATI CITY
Soliman Corporation Center
2182 Don Chino Roces Ave. (fromerly Pasong Tamo), Makati
Ask lobby receptionist which room and floor, (Usually 3rd F/ Room 1)
on the ground floor of the building is a BPI atm,
it is located between Herald Suites & Oriental Plaza buildings.
Near Makati Cinema Square and Japanese Town restaurants.
Park on the available slots along the road. First come first served.

VENUE for March and April Class: QUEZON CITY
29 1st St., New Manila, Quezon City

REQUEST: We are always on the look out for new venues. Please advice us if you know of a location where we could have childbirth classes. All we need is an air conditioned or well ventilated clean spacious room, clean comfort room & available parking. An elevator if it's on a high floor. Yoga or dance studios, conference rooms are ideal. Thank you! Contact: +63920-905-2737

TOPICS COVERED: (may have a slight variation on the day when the topics will be taken up)
Everything you need to know about labor & birth & more. The classes educate, equip & empower pregnant couples to plan for their own birth. Shows them what to expect & what questions to ask their OB.
Day 1: Introduction, Common Complaints, Warning Signs, How to stay healthy, Anatomy, Terms &   
           Definitions, Cardinal Movements, Pregnancy Exercises
           Nutrition, Safe Sleeping for infants to prevent SIDS, Goody bag, Birth Plan, SOP's on Hospital Procedures
           for Mother &
Day 2: Newborn, Role of the Coach
            Drugs & Medication, Tests & Interventions, Cesarean, Signs of Labor, Stages of Labor,
            Breathing & Relaxation, Comfort Measures
Day 3: Postpartum, the New born & baby care, breastfeeding, Panic Routine, Positions in Labor, Massages,
           Breathing, Awarding of Certificates & pot luck graduation celebration!

Financial Wellness Seminar. Learn how to save & financially plan & what instruments are available to meet your financial goals especially on savings & investments. 
NOTE: Upon request by couples. Private or group class. No obligation.

BRING in every class: Exercise mat or beach towel, 2 bed pillows & your class manual, ball point/pen, notebook or paper for taking down notes, snacks & drinks for yourselves, class manual (to be given). 

WEAR: Casual comfy clothes, for the ladies: lose pants, leggings, shorts or long lose dress, close neck blouse (so breasts do not show when you bend over for the exercises). Prepare to sit on the floor. If you wish, bring cushions & back support like pillows for your comfort.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS A MUST! Email & text, complete information so we could inform you of any changes.

TEXT: "YES2BIRTH/ Month you will join/ Names (include your partner)/ OB/ Hosp./EDD (est. due date)/ Mobile/ Landline Home & Office/ Email/ How did you 1st learn about Chiqui Brosas (pls be specific, ex. ref. by OB (give name), relative or friend (give name), search engine (what did you type), reading material (name which one ex. Baby Magazine, Mommy Pages, Project Mom, etc.), TV (name which show), hospital (who referred, which hospital & what department ex. information, doctors clinic flyer, birthing suite station by nurse, etc.), FB (Cudsly), Internet forum ( ex. W@W, MADs group), Event (Safe Sleep by Halo in Fisher Mall).../What's your FaceBook email/ 

Ex: on how to pre-register: YES2BIRTH DEC/ Jack & Jill Hill / Dr. Santa Claus/ MMC/ March
1, 2015/ 09174770628/ 9644321/ 6362721 loc. 529/ friend Juana de la Cruz/ FB 

Text SMART: +63920-905-27-37 (for texting only) 
Call GLOBE: +63917-477-06-28 (you may call Dorz)
NOTE: Please  acknowledge all our replies to your textes & inquiries so we know you received our textes & so that we do not keep texting & bothering you with our textes. Thank you so much!

FOR GROUP & PRIVATE CLASS TEXT: +63920-905-2737 

ONE ON ONE: Private Birth Class also available preferably for one whole day (or two half days) in the comfort of your home. Please prepare for lunch & for dinner if we extend (no additional charge for the class). For classes outside Metro Manila (example: Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan), it will be one whole day, example 8:00am-5:00pm or 10:00-7:00pm (may extend an hour or two if necessary to cover all topics so please keep the whole day open). There my be an additional charge if outside Metro Manila. Out of town/country Birth Class is also possible. Might be cheaper if you come to Manila.

1.) I'm your Doula Service" (or Professional Labor Coach on your birth).
I will be with you at your birth. Please reserve now. Limited number of births a month only

2.)Placenta Encapsulation
Contact: +63920-9052737

CANDID PHOTO SHOTS: What better way to capture your wonderful birth experience & remember the first time you held & smelled your baby but through photographs? Capture your first family bonding experience. Lady photographer recommended by several OB's. Please visit her fabulous work:

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