Wednesday, October 30, 2013

20131006 PCC # 227 October Birth Class Pictures

Photos of our Prepared Childbirth Class # 227 held in Makati City

20131030 A TESTIMONY by Mary Shoninger, "We Made it Natural All the Way"

  • Conversation started October 22
  • Mary Schöninger
    Mary Schöninger

    ** We got ten new toes to tickle ** Luis Kylan, October 16, 3440 grams, 49cm, 3:56pm. We are happy beyond anything mary, tim, livi & luis
  • Mary Schöninger
    Mary Schöninger

    Thank you so much for the great preparation in your course - Tim was great and I could not imagine a better support than his. It was an unbelievable experience and we made it natural all the way No medication etc. 4 hours of painful contractions and luis was born. We are so blessed and happy.
  • Mary Schöninger
    Mary Schöninger

    Lots of love from all of us


    • Birth Times
      Birth Times

      I hope you don't mind me sharing your post & maybe photos. Thanks Chiqui
    • Mary Schöninger
      Mary Schöninger

      Of course we don't mind thank you again, with Livi I had an epidural and I couldn't imagine having none with Luis. But I thought about your words and concentrated on my breathing and though it was more painful than with Livi I am so thankful for giving birth all the way natural

  • 20131030 A TESTIMONY by Julia de Leon, "Delivery & Labor a Positive Experience"

    Birth Class PCC # 227 October Class in Makati

    • Julia Allisson De Leon
      Julia Allisson De Leon

      Hi Chiqui! Just want to thank u again for sharing your experiences and knowledge about childbirth. My husband and I attended your September class which really helped us during the entire delivery process. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl last October 23 through normal spontaneous delivery.
      It was such an experience for me and my hubby! Both of us were so attentive of all the signs of labor and didn't panic at all as we know what exactly to expect and to do. It was also less stressful for me knowing my husband is there as my coach. He gave me encouraging words, massages and helped me with my breathing during contractions.
      We strongly recommend you to our friends as we know you can help us, expecting parents, make delivery and labor a positive experience.
      Thanks again and more power!
      from: Jed & Julia de Leon Class #227 September 2013

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