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Artcle: Water Birth by chiqui

Water Birth in the Philippines

More and more women are becoming interested in water birth. I have at least one couple in every other birth class interested in doing a water birth. 

The first time a student of mine seriously asked me to refer to her a hospital doing it, there was none available. I only knew of a clinic called Gentle Hands being ran by a Canadian missionary midwife together with other Filipino midwives. 

I was in my students water birth and was very amazed at the turn out of the event. She was calmer and felt less pain than if she was on dry land. She stayed in the water the whole time. I was surprised to find out they used gallons and gallons of distilled water. The water temperature was observed closely and they continued to boil water to maintain 95 to 100 degrees fahrenheit.

What I was not ready to see and expect was the after birth or the birth of her placenta after which the whole pool became red. My student tore slightly so after bonding a while with her baby in the pool, she had to get up to go in bed to be repaired. During that time, the sop's for the baby followed, suctioning, eye prophylaxis, vitamin k injection, weighing, getting her length, checking her reflexes etc...

I found this in the Smart Parenting blog and thought I'd share it for added information. Please read below...

I remember Maricel Laxa, my friend and Bradley student, telling me the story of her water birth. She was telling me, now we're even (with our number of kids-5). All she told me were the highlights. Ella, her eldest daughter was there at her birth. She was even the one who cut the umbilical cord. Anthony however had a seminar and he said he never made it to the birth.

I learned from a doctor that she had some complications right after her birth. It was exactly the same complications I had in my last birth. My blood pressure dropped and I lost a lot of blood. I needed to have transfusion. It was partly because of our age, we were both in our 40's and had a long labor and were tired.

 Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and I

More on water birth from "The Independent" news on:
Water birth "provides the safest form of pain relief."
by Jeremy Laurence, health editor, Sept. 6, 2007

Articles: 3 Different Reviews on Asian Hospital's Cost's for Birthing

Personal Reviews on Asian Hospital in Alabang

I came across these three sites which I think will answer many of the questions of pregnant couples regarding the costs of Asian Hospital in Alabang. The nice thing about this blog is it is coming from first hand experience and is unbiased. I think it is a big help to know. Please read...

1.) Our Awesome Planet in: Giving Birth @ Asian Hospital in Alabang, Jan. 19, 2005

2.) The Guest Blog: Hope This Helps You in: OB Ward at Asian Hospital, Nov. 21, 2010

3.) Smart Parenting: Having CS in Asian Hospital Alabang, Spet. 2009

To visit the hospital go to: Asian Hospital and Medical Center

Friday, July 27, 2012

Article: Father compares 2 hospitals, Asian Hospital with Makati Medical Center

I think every birth is unique and special. We need to bring back the dignity in giving birth and treat the would-be-mothers and fathers with love and respect, especially in labor, when giving birth and after, while recovering.

It is a one in a life time experience so the would-be-daddy's should be allowed to be with their babies from beginning to end. More so, with their wives during the most enduring and difficult time of labor and birth. 

I came across this blog site in Face Book. It was shared by one of my students, Marta. She shared it to our group: Birthing Class #213 - Soon-to-be Parents 2012.

A father, Anton, relates the story of his second child who was born in Makati Medical Center, and compares it with the birth of hie first child who was born in Asian Hospital.

It's interesting. Please read... "The Birth of Baby Jpshua Xavier"

Baby Josh Nov. 2007 MMC

 100ml of umbilical cord blood sent to Stem Cord Stem Cells Bank in Singapore

Congratulations to Anton and Rachel for having baby Joshua!

 OB, Dr. Lilibeth Genuino who helped them have a successful Lamaze Birth

Note however that the comparison was made in 2007. I know that Makati Medical Center has
  added a new wing, the Dr. Manahan Center, where Lamaze & Bradley births are being held.

Just a s a side comment, my first born was born in Makati Medical Center some 30 years ago and she herself delivered her first born in the same hospital just last  January 2012. I was with her and our experience with the hospital staff was great. They were efficient and happy. A candle light dinner for the couple after the birth of their first born would have been perfect.

Asian Hospital, Philippines
Photo by John Muzi

Makati  Medical Center, Philippines

Birth Story: by Elaine Nunez Reyes & Chicco

Pearl Fram, Davao City

 Bag of Beans Cafe, Tagaytay

Sonya's Garden, Tagaytay

 Taal Volcano, Tagaytay

 Tagaytay Highlands Resort

 The Proposal

 Officially Engaged

 The Engagement Ring

1st Official Dinner Engaged
 Highlander Steak House

 Family Celebrates

 Engagement Album

Their Journey Begins...

 and it goes on and on and on...

  • Chiqui! We'd be glad to share our photos and birth story. 

    During the last few weeks of my pregnancy, we were watching out for signs of early labor. I monitored my contractions and went to our OB for regular check-up and internal exam. Up until my 40th week, the internal exam showed that baby's presentation was cephalic but my cervix was still thick and has not dilated. We were delighted that though I have not dilated yet, baby’s position increased our chances for normal delivery. Since baby was already full term, our OB advised however, that I will need to be induced if I have not given birth yet within that week to prevent any complication that may result from baby’s “overstaying”. Regular Biophysical Profile Tests were conducted to check the well-being of our baby and thank God results were normal! I walked and walked, ate spicy foods and even drove through bumpy roads to help naturally induce labor. We were very anxious and have constantly prayed for labor to already begin.

    Morning of July 11, I was admitted for scheduled induction. Up to that day, my cervix was completely closed based on internal exam. I was given Pitocin drops and Buscopan at around 10AM to help induce contractions, soften and dilate my cervix. After this, contractions became more regular and my cervix finally softened and gradually opened around 1 cm almost every hour to a couple of hours. I managed to still walk around thinking it will help with the labor. We did the regular breathing and relaxation techniques we learned from your class which helped ease the labor pains. My husband, Chicco, was also beside me the whole time and held my hand throughout the process. He became my stress ball as I squeezed his hand each time I felt the pain  I did not ask for epidural until I was already in initial transition stage. We were already 12 hours in labor. At this point, baby has only descended to -1 station. Our OB advised to wait a little more, and if we don’t see any further progress with the contractions/dilation and baby's descent after a few more hours, we may already need to undergo CS to not put baby at risk. A few more hours passed but contractions did not progress and dilation already stopped at 8cms. Baby also remained floating and never went beyond -1 station (only 2cm improvement since labor started).

    It took a while before it got through to me that I had to undergo the big “C” as I was aiming for normal delivery from the very beginning. But all that mattered to us was that our little one was safe and that he will come into this world healthy.

    A little past 1AM of July 12, 2012, I was finally prepared for C-Section. We were anxiously waiting for the time we can finally see and hold our baby. Chicco joined me in the delivery room as he continued to support me. He actually did a great job in "coaching". 

    Finally, at 2:03 AM of July 12, 2012, Luis Enriko N. Reyes was born! Words can not describe how happy we felt when we heard his first cry. He’s finally here!

    A day after the delivery, I was already up and about but took things easy to help speed up the healing. It did not take long before I completely recovered. Now, I'm busy nursing my little one as he wants to feed all the time! Sleepless nights have already started but all worth it.

    We are very thankful for the excellent care we received from our Doctors and Nurses as we welcome “Eko”. We are likewise so blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends for praying for the safe delivery of our baby! 

July 12, 2012 Baby Eko was born!

                                                     Oma Zony on the right photo

Grandma Rose


  • What a lovely and touching story! I felt I was with you as I read it. Truly congratulations to a healthy bouncing baby boy! That is all that matters now. I pray for your quick recovery and for lots and lots of breast milk. God bless! Thank you for allowing me to post your story and photos!

    Chiqui, your birth instructor.

    Just as you came to me for help during your pregnancy for your labor and birth, and just as you trusted me with the method that it would help and work for you in The Big Day, I want to share with you another thing that I do real well and with passion...

    I make dreams come true for Eko and leave families a legacy of love.

    Let me know if you want to talk about how you could best start saving up for Eko's education and how I could help you to make sure Chicco would be able to live you and Eko his legacy of love.

    I hope you will entrust me with your family's future, as you have entrusted me with your birth. I am looking forward to having a lasting relationship with you.

    Warm regards,

    Chiqui your financial conductor
    +63917-88-BIRTH (24784)
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