Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Photos: of Adrianna Tumangan Cayetano

Joy, Roy & Adrianna

Birth Story: by Joy Tumangan Cayetano, contractions were really super painful

  • Life with you will be fabulouse. I have no doubt about it, in my mind, in my heart an spiritually. I will love you forever!

    This is the moment I've waited for...

    Habang buhay

    The Metro, Paris, Fra
    •        MRT, Hong Kong

      • Thanks Chiqui!:) I had epidural..contractions started at 12 midnight but I slept it off thinking it was just the normal contractions I would feel once in awhile. Then at around 5am I couldn't take it anymore. I asked my husband to get your handouts to check the notes on contractions to see if it was really time to go to the hospital already hehe! We got to the hospital at around 6am, the doctor did an IE and to my surprise I was just 1 cm but the contractions were really super painful. But the doctor said I was almost fully effaced so even at 1contractions were really super painful cm only, I already had an epidural. I gave birth at 4pm that day. Same birthday as my mom, August 14!:)

    • The Rose

      Birth Class PCC # 200, June-July 2011, Soliman Bldg, Makati

      Traditional Pilipino Roman Catholic Practice, Baptism


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prepared ChildBirth Class # 207 January 2012 One Day Crush Course Jan. 7!

As of Dec. 15, 2011

NOTE: Visit a day before the class for any changes like in the venue, time or date

Prepared Childbirth Class
PCC # 207 January 2012

One whole day crush course
Potluck lunch

Date: January 7, 2012 Saturday
Time: 9am-6pm
Venue: Robinson Circle Subdivision along H. P. Javier St., 338 Dona Feliza Condo., Unit 325, Pasig
Bring: yoga mat, 2 bed pillows (we will be seating on the floor), ball point, paper for taking down notes,  food to share for lunch, your own drinks, camera if you want to take still shots. video not allowed.
What to wear: casual, comfy clothes, pants, shorts, leggings, exercise outfit, slippers, sandals...

How to pre-register!

Text or Email, complete information so we could inform you of any changes.

"YES2BIRTH/ Month you will join/ Names/ OB/ Hosp./EDD/ Mobile/ Landline Home & Office/ Email/ How did you 1st learn about Chiqui Brosas/ Facebook email/

GLOBE: Olive +63917-4770628, cc 0917-88BIRTH (24784)

IMPT! To be sure of a slot, please visit my Multiply Stockroom (chiquibrosas) and reserve a slot in one of the 12 slots by placing your name in. Please do so only if you are absolutely sure to join.

One on One Private Birth Class also available for one whole day or two half days in your home


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birth Class # 206 One Day Crush Course: Congratulations!

For more photos of the class please visit:

Shared food for lunch.

5 happy bunch of  couples.

20111203 This was my final class for this year. The next batch will be sometime in February 2012.
We started at 9:00am and were finished at around 5:00pm. I tackled as much information as they could handle focusing on labor and delivery. All five couples were first time parents to be. They all had a chance to share to the group why they joined the birth class. Most of the couples objectives were to learn the relaxation techniques. Th husbands wanted to learn what to do during labor and how they could help their wives. 

It was fun working with young couples who are going to give birth for the first time. They were full of questions and full of life. They asked:  How can we make sure we will have breast milk? Can we change doctors? It might be too late and the new doctor does not have our records? Should we get a pediatrician already?

May all your babies be super healthy and your births be safe and beautiful May it be how you planned it to be. Congratulations to all of you! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Birth Class 205 One-On-One: Sunshine & Oliver, Pque

One-on-one Childbirth Class with Sunshine and Oliver last Nov. 27, 2011 was the first time I started a class at 2:00 to 10:00pm. Surprisingly, it wasn't tiring at all. They lived in the South and going there was difficult to find because I was from the East and hardly went in their area. Their house felt like home with all the Christmas decors out and a beautifully trimmed christmas tree. We stayed in their living room for the lecture and moved to their bed room for the actual hands on labor practice. It was peaceful. Sunshine said the rest of her siblings had already left and before our class they had a dinner reunion and it was a riot.


 Leaning against the contraction during urge to push.

Labor coach Oliver counting during the push.


How to stay healthy and ow risk

Reading the informed consent

4 Phases of labor: early, active and transition

4th stage of labor; pushing

Push down and out!

Reviewing the positions in labor

Breast support exercise

Birth Class # 204: Congrats Lara Britanico Leal

November 28
Lara Britanico Leal
  • Hi Ms. Chiqui!

    I don't know if you add students to your personal FB account.

    I just wanted to thank you for giving of your time and expertise to us.

    Carlo and I really learned a lot in the classes and we feel better prepared for birth.

    We are praying for your swift recovery and renewed eyesight.

    God bless you and your ministry even more!

    Lara (Nov 2011 class)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birth Class # 205 Congrats Earl & Cess Caasi

 20111130 (Prepared Childbirth Class) PCC # 205 Solinan, Makati,
                   Dates: Nov. 20, 26 & 27

Earl Stephen Caasi and Cess Lolin Caasi

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