Saturday, December 17, 2011

Birth Story: by Joy Tumangan Cayetano, contractions were really super painful

  • Life with you will be fabulouse. I have no doubt about it, in my mind, in my heart an spiritually. I will love you forever!

    This is the moment I've waited for...

    Habang buhay

    The Metro, Paris, Fra
    •        MRT, Hong Kong

      • Thanks Chiqui!:) I had epidural..contractions started at 12 midnight but I slept it off thinking it was just the normal contractions I would feel once in awhile. Then at around 5am I couldn't take it anymore. I asked my husband to get your handouts to check the notes on contractions to see if it was really time to go to the hospital already hehe! We got to the hospital at around 6am, the doctor did an IE and to my surprise I was just 1 cm but the contractions were really super painful. But the doctor said I was almost fully effaced so even at 1contractions were really super painful cm only, I already had an epidural. I gave birth at 4pm that day. Same birthday as my mom, August 14!:)

    • The Rose

      Birth Class PCC # 200, June-July 2011, Soliman Bldg, Makati

      Traditional Pilipino Roman Catholic Practice, Baptism


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