Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birth Class # 206 One Day Crush Course: Congratulations!

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Shared food for lunch.

5 happy bunch of  couples.

20111203 This was my final class for this year. The next batch will be sometime in February 2012.
We started at 9:00am and were finished at around 5:00pm. I tackled as much information as they could handle focusing on labor and delivery. All five couples were first time parents to be. They all had a chance to share to the group why they joined the birth class. Most of the couples objectives were to learn the relaxation techniques. Th husbands wanted to learn what to do during labor and how they could help their wives. 

It was fun working with young couples who are going to give birth for the first time. They were full of questions and full of life. They asked:  How can we make sure we will have breast milk? Can we change doctors? It might be too late and the new doctor does not have our records? Should we get a pediatrician already?

May all your babies be super healthy and your births be safe and beautiful May it be how you planned it to be. Congratulations to all of you! 

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