Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Online Prepared Childbirth Classes during the CoVid19 Pandemic 2020

 Rumours of the nationwide lock down was lurking  in the air. I heard it first from my daughter. It did not seem believable that it could possibly happen. And yet after a few days, on March 17, 2020, it did and they called it Enhance Community Quarantine! I could not imagine what that meant and its impact to all of us. This has never happened in my lifetime. Another first. My daughter said it meant that we could not go out of our homes. The hospitals will no longer be able to accommodate us if we got CoVid19 because the hospitals will be full from other patients so we would have to self heal if ever you get the virus. People started to panic buy in the groceries. One of the things that became scare aside from the canned goods were toilet paper, can you believe it? It's now December 9, 2020 and somehow the government has not been as strict as our country tries to straighten the curve. Meaning, to manage the number of people getting CoVid19.

I continued to teach Childbirth Classes. Starting April, I started Online Classes since the pregnant women and the seniors were not allowed to go out and were quarantined afraid to get the virus. We were the ones more susceptible because of age and condition and the sickness will be more serious if we got it.

I continue to be hopeful and grateful to God for the coming 2021 though we all know that this battle is not yet over. We continue to wait for a cure, a vaccine that is sae and has no side effects.

During this time, being with our families is an opportunity to bond and be closer to each other and to plan for what is ahead.

Thank you Lord for our god health and daily provision.


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