Wednesday, February 27, 2019

20190220 Birth Class Students Lou & Girlie PCC 294 !


Dropped the placenta pills we encapsulated. Baby was born one week early because the bag of water already raptured but the cervix did not dilate.  In fear of infection, a CS was performed. Both baby and mommy are fine.

Congratulations to first time Mommy Girlie and Daddy Lou Gerald from Class 294!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

20190223 Surprise! Former Childbirth Students have grown up kids!


What a pleasant surprise when I sow Poncho, the son of my good friend Bobby. He is now 30! That long ago. I knew her and her husband. from church They came to my Childbirth Class years ago! I like taking photos of my students and their children when I bump into them. It rings me so much joy that I was once a part of their birth  testimony.


What another pleasant surprise when I met another couple who were also my students in the same event of Home Schoolers in Filinvest,  Muntinglupa They are Bles & Aaron de Guzman. It's the first time I heard of Bles birth story. She was able to give birth naturally free of drugs and anaesthesia!Not just to her first born son but also to her 2 other younger sons! Isn't she amazing? Their first born is Arniel age 22! Wow, that long ago! Arniel is on the right side of the picture.

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