Saturday, July 25, 2020

20200725 Arriane tells her birth story

The Newborn Class today was a mixed group unlike the usual classes we have. There were the first time pregnant mommies to be & Arriane who had just given birth two weeks ago. I asked her to share her experience and she was very open and honest to the group.

Christine was a first time mom and her greatest concern was how will it be when she gives birth alone without her husband there. Fortunately Arriane gave birth in the same hospital where Christine was going to give birth. How providential is that?! We got a lot of first hand information.

Arianne Was scheduled to visit her doctor & was due anytime now. When her doctor checked, she was already 4-5cm & she wasn’t even in pain yet. Her OB immediately reserved the birthing suit for her. It’s a good thing she did because there was another lady waiting to reserve the room after her. The suite came with a personal nurse who attended to her. This made her feel secure knowing she had a companion the whole time since her husband was not allowed to be with her. The room costs something like PHP P38,000. for 8 hours & was billed by the hour after that.

She arrived at 2pm and by 7pm her daughter was born. She was also allowed to bring her cellular phone with her. What a treat! Her husband reserved a room but he was allowed to be in there only when his wife is in the room. Living near, he decided to go home. I think it was a practical  decision since he didn’t really know what time the birth will end. It was also physically safer to stay at home. When the birth was done, she called for him to go back. It wasn’t until another two hours when he finally was allowed to go inside their reserved suite. Thats because the mother’s recovery takes a hour or two. She had a normal delivery using epidural at 8cm. The usual hospital stay is around 2-3 days. For your budget for a normal delivery, prepare anywhere from Php150,000 to Php200,000. More for a cesarean.

The government had declared ECQ, enhances community quarantine the first time in March 16. We were in total lock down in our homes. This CoVid19 was fast spreading & so dangerous for all especially for the senior citizens as well as for the pregnant moms. The hospitals had no direct protocols to follow in the beginning. Lives of people were at risk and taken, especially our brave front liners, the doctors and the nurses. So eventually the hospital had to protect their workers and their patients. They stopped allowing the husbands and doulas in accompanying the women in the labor and delivery room. So this caused more anxiety and fear to the pregnant moms. Adding To this was the fear of possibly contracting the virus themselves & worse, their baby.

We ended after seven hours including lunch break. At the end we all felt fulfilled, better equipped and knowledgeable and I think that that’s what’s important. Preparation education and support makes a pregnant mom feel less anxious & fearful.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

ONLINE CLASSES in JULY & AUG 2020 on Birth & The Newborn & Infant CPR

Who would have thought that our lives will change just because of a virus? The CoVid19 has become a pandemic & has shaken the whole world! Most of us remain quarantined because it’s the safest way to be especially for the pregnant women. This has become the new normal. Group gatherings have been prohibited & social distancing implemented.

Everyone went viral online webinars!!! Thank you to modern technology!

There are so many new moms to be who have tons of questions re. their pregnancy, birth and their newborn. To continue our desire to help new moms to be, we right away did Online Classes!

Here are the up coming Online Parenting Schedules:

*July 25 Sat. 10-5pm The Newborn, Breastfeeding & Postpartum

*Aug. 1 Sat. 10-5pm Labor and Birth

*Aug. 16 Sun. 1-5pm Most awaited Infant CPR & First Aid Class

Please Pre-register& avail of our
discount promos!
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You may also inquire from Rose +63920-9052737


See you!

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