Thursday, April 18, 2019

20190223 The Learning Hub by Home School Global, Festival mall, Alabang

Went to the opening of The Learning Hub for home schoolers in the south, Alabang area.

When my husband passed away, my 2 youngest children were in Greenhills Christian School in Ortigas. It was a traditional school and advance in their teaching. They had only a few students in class. It was a great school, however it got too costly for me so the following year I decided to put the kids in home school.

After my my son graduated from grade 7, I decided to home school him too. He graduated from an excellent school called, Learning Lab in Quezon City. It was a non-traditional school and the teachers were from U.P. They designed their own programs for the kids who were only very few in class. Maybe 5 to 7 students only. He learned a lot of skills from his wonderful teachers. Too bad the school has closed down.

I had a kind and patient tutor who come to the house daily to teach my 2 youngest. My son was very independent and finished the materials at his own pace with the guidance of his tutor.

We would go regularly to Victory school for the extra curricular activities where the kids interacted with the other home schoolers. We went on excursions together s well.

The Learning Hub offers extra curricular activities and a lot of support to the home schooled kids! Fantastic place to go!

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