Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 PCC 190 August Pictures, Pulse, Makati

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~currant7 said...

Hi Mama Chiqui,

Just wanted to let you know that we gave birth a bit over three weeks now - Sept 16. Although I don't have a birthing story - I did blog about things that I remembered during my C-section. :)
The excerpt is below.

...Most likely no birthing story since I got a C-section as per doctor's advice due to the rapid calcification of my placenta 2 weeks earlier than my due date. Although I didn't go through the motions of having a natural labor, I will definitely always remember the whole experience. Some of the highlights are:-

* being calm and excited when the morning came around

* hearing baby's heartbeat via dopler/ultrasound for one last time, one of the admission check-ups

* anticipation to be wheeled into operating room

* the spinal anestheics being administered

* feeling nothing, unable to move anything from my waist down when the anesthetics kicked in

* being pulled/pushed all over the place during the operation --> doctor positioning the baby

** this is the best one : my reaction to seeing Colin coming out over the tarp, "oh, good, there's lots of hair on him"

* realizing that Colin wouldn't stop crying when he was taken to be cleaned, I thought they were already doing the cercumsition...oh, how wrong I was. Colin was crying for more than 15 minutes now...for just being cleaned/wiped over! Oh my heart!

* E looking on with what Dr Lee's been doing to me...cleaning and stitching me up:- with how the cut looked like a flap, how the inside was stitched up and how my outter skin was "glued up" with hardly any markings of a cut. Good thing he didn't videotaped the whole thing. All this was going on while Dr Lee and him were exchanging information about the surgery, about beaches/getaway sites in Manila, etc. It was so crazy! I remember I was trying to tell E to not disturb the doctor so he can stitch me up faster and I can get out of the operating room already.
Half awake and half immobile is not fun when you don't know what's going on especially with so many tuggings left and right. :P

* after Colin's all clean, the nurses wrapped him up in a bundle and gave us (E&I) time to have our first family photo taken. Will you look at those red lips and very "powdered" face! People think that Colin's a girl based on this photo!

Now begins, the sleepless nights and toothless smiles. E&I was exhausted! Getting the hang of Colin's eradic schedule is really taking a toll with both of us, though we still strive on each day to see how we can best handle the little guy. :)

More details are on my blog entry below:-

The doctor glued my skin on the outside and kept the stitches inside. I'm so amazed with Progress.
I've been walking around a day or two after the surgery and have been carrying Colin Edward around the same time since I had to breastfeed and comfort the little one in our hospital room.
Ed was abit scared to carry him during the first few days...now he's playing, bottle-feeding him and looking forward to Colin in general. :)


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