Sunday, November 28, 2010

Natural Birth by Grace Kho-Gan


I'm from your 191 class last september, and I just want to share my experience giving birth.
I was able to give birth 100% lamaze with no anaesthesia! woohoo!
Basically, my labor lasted for 10 hours. The pain was manageable during the 1st 4 hours, but it got really painful after that. What kept me in tune was simply focusing on the abdominal breathing.
Simply knowing what was going on during the whole process also helped ease my mind. My cervix opened slowly from 10PM to 4AM, it only opened up to 4cm. However, from 6Am onward it opened roughly 1 cm every 30 minutes. Finally the baby came out at 8AM.
Your class helped me because I knew the various stages of labor and what to look for. This allowed my mind to be systematic and focused on a goal. Thanks for your class!
Now, I am having a challenging time post birth, perhaps you can help answer some questions I have.

1. How do you know when the baby already has enough to eat during feeding? Any signs or techniques?
2. How can you condition the baby to sleep through the night?
3. After making sure the baby is well fed, changing the diaper, burping, and everything else to make sure she's comfortable, she has a tendency to still cry and I'm not sure what else to look for. Any tips?
4. At what point do you recommend to start taking the baby outside in places like malls,restaurants, parks, and other public/crowded places?
She's 100% breastfed.
Thanks Chiqui!

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