Friday, February 3, 2012

Birth Story: by Naomi Thomas, HomeBirth After 43 Weeks & 4 Days Of Pregnancy

My birth story is UP!!! I'm a little nervous about sharing such intimate details with the world, but feel that my journey needs to be talked about... that women can know that a pregnancy that extends beyond 41 weeks can be healthy, safe and even empowering.

Please share freely so more women can hear it, even if only one time ♥
I just gave birth to my third child after being pregnant for 9 months and a YEAR… well, figuratively. Anyone who has gone past their due date knows just what I’m talking about -- that time after 40 weeks can feel like an entire year.,0

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Naomi Thomas said...

Thanks for re-posting my birth story! I hope it helps someone to trust themselves and trust in their bodies.

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