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as of November 23, 2017

IMPORTANT: Schedules are tentative and are subject to change. Please visit this site for any changes on the last week of the previous month or at least 5 days before the start of the series or better still, contact 0920-9052737.

NOTE: There may be a change of schedule on Oct. 21. We are looking for a venue. Once we find a venue, we will move the schedule of the class to Oct. 22 Sunday. Pls stay posted. To be announced asap. 

NOTE: After you have texted to pre-register, you will receive a reply usually in the evening or early morning. If you don't receive a confirmation after 3 days, pls text your pre-registration again at 0920-9052737. Thank you!

IMPORTANT ANNIUNCRMENT! Pls see changes in October schedule & venue as of 9.23.2017

Usually venue of the class alternate months. 4 sessions divided in 2 whole days only. 
Quezon City (Sundays):     July       September        November
Makati (Saturdays):                August            October          December

Slots get easily full so please preregister early. On a first come first serve basis. Thank you!

Usually 1st & 2nd Sundays of the month
2 whole days of 4 sessions
TIME: 8:30-5:30pm
VENUE: Waze The Parenting Emporium or TPE

PCC 274
JULY 2 & 16 morning, while July 9 whole day (8:30-5:30pm)

PCC 276
SEPT. 3 & 10

PCC 278
NOV. 5 & 12

The Parenting Emporium
29 1st St. (one way street)
New Manila, QC

between Hemady & Gilmore Sts. 
Near Robinsons Magnolia 
MAKATI VENUE (alterating months with QC)

Usually (but not always) 2nd & 3rd Saturdays of the month
2 whole days of 4 sessions
TIME: 8:30-5:30pm
VENUE: Playworks, Tordesillas, Makati

PCC 275
AUG. 12 & 19

PCC 277
OCT. 22 Sunday (Oct. 21 was moved to Oct. 22) 
OCT. 29 Sunday (Oct. 28 was moved to Oct. 29)
Venue is now in BGC not like the rest in Makati: 
Beyond Rehab & Diagnostic Center
2F Orion Tower 
11th Ave. corner 38th St. 
Bonifacio Global Center, Taguig City
Street parking
Prepare to sit on the floor. Bring 1-2 pillows & 1 yoga mat or beach towel. Own packed lunch. 
Wear socks & comfy lose clothes. 

PCC 279
DEC.9 & 16

Playworks Preschool, 2F
Three Salcedo Place123 Tordesillas St.
Salcedo Village, Makati

Street parking. Come early cuz it's across Salcedo Market.  None inside building.

TIME: 8:30-5:30pm

Food & water for lunch & snacks for yourselves
(There is Salcedo Market across if you want to buy food)
1 Yoga Mat or beach towel
1-2 bed pillows (optional)
Doll & swaddle on the last class
Pen and paper for notes

Couples Must Wear Socks
Preggy moms can wear pants, leggings, shorts or long lose dress, close neck blouse so nothing is seen when we bend over for floor exercises.

HOW TO PRE-REGISTER: Do so by texting the information below:
"YES2BIRTH/ Month you will join/ you & your partners names/ EDD est. due date/ OB/ Hospital/ contact details mobile/ landline/office no./ how did you learn about Chiqui/ email address/ Facebook account name/" TEXT this to: +63920-905-27-37 (Smart) & 0905-0262524 (Globe).

TOPICS COVERED: (may have a slight variation on the day when it will be taken up)
Topics cover everything you need to know about labor, birth & more. 
Day 1 
Session 1 AM: Introduction, Common Complaints, Warning Signs, How to stay healthy, Anatomy, Terms &   
           Definitions, Cardinal Movements, Pregnancy Exercises, Progressive Relaxation
Session 2 PM: Nutrition, Goody bag, Birth Plan, SOP's on Hospital Procedures for Mother & the new born, 
            Role of the Coach, Signs of Labor, Stages of Labor, Breathing & Relaxation
Day 2 
Session 3 AM: Drugs & Medication, Tests & Interventions, Cesarean, Panic Routine, Positions in 
           Labor, Massages & Comfort Measures,  Breathing & Relaxation, Pushing
Session 4 PM: The New Born Appearance & Baby Care,  Safe Sleeping for infants to prevent SIDS, 
          Swaddling, Breastfeeding, Postpartum, Review on Breathing, Positions, Massages, Pushing etc...

Graduation on the last day, Awarding of Certificates & pot luck  (if venue will permit food and drinks)

Placenta Encapsulation (Traditional Chinese Method): 1 week to deliver 80-150 capsules depending on size
             of the placenta. Only 1-2 years life self.
             Learn more here. How to make it yourself.
Placenta Tincture: 7 weeks to deliver. Longer shelf life, almost no expiration date. You can order tincture only if
             you will do the placenta encapsulation. We don't take orders of just the tincture.

Benefits: It's hormonal make-up is completely special and unique to the mother.
           1. Helps uterus go back to normal size and shape
           2. Shorter postpartum bleeding
           3. Breast Milk often starts in quicker
           4. More Breast Milk production
           5. Hormone Stabilizer
           6. Decrease Baby Blues and PPD
           7. Decrease postpartum "night sweats"
           8. Increase Iron
           9. Increase in strength/stamina
          10. Increase in Mental Clarity
          11. Help you sleep better

Procedure: Ask your OB if your placenta is healthy and if you can bring it home. Right after the
            birth, instruct nurse not to put any chemicals or formalin. Put in a 1 pound zip lock plastic container.
            Better to double insulate. Put this in a cooler with ice. As soon as possible once you
            have a room, put the placenta in zip lock in the freezer. Inform for pick up asap (0920-9052737).

            A few women may have an allergic reaction to their placenta just disregard if it happens. No refund.

            Please submit clearance from your OB regarding status of pregnant mom: vaginal track (if ever, declare 
            kind of infection), & negative on Hepatitis B and HIV. Submit together with placenta and full payment
            in cash. Note: We do not encapsulate if she has Hepa B & if HIV positive.

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