Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birth Story: Shweta Ganesh Gumar & Saga Rajgupal Welcome to Aug-Sept Birth Class 2011, P 202

Tantalizing Shweta

Famous Indian Writer/ Journalist

‎'Coming Up On The Show...' on the racks of Landmark at Forum, Bangalore.
Thank You to the very kind reader who mailed this across to me before he bought the book :)
Always appreciate seeing the book in stores as I left for Manila immediately after the launch. — with Jayantakumar Bose.

  • Hi Chiqui,
    I used to work as a correspondent for CNN- back home in India. But since, I moved here I write travel stories for a newspaper back home and also One Philippines. Mostly dabbling in fiction these days.

So glad to have met you! So proud of your accomplishment! 

Husbands Turn to Relax 
Birth Class in Soliman, Makati
Standing, Rocking, a Labor Position

  • September 11
    Sagar Rajgopal
    • We sure will let her know. :) also wanted to let you know that your class is awesome. Both me and my wife are thrilled to hear you reinforce our desire for a natural birth, rooming in as well as your pro-breastfeeding stance. :) I believe my wife has already added you (Shweta Ganesh Kumar) :)

Birth Photos of Positions in Labor
Panic Routine during Labor & Birth
Prepared Childbirth Class # 202, Aug-Sept 2011

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