Sunday, January 1, 2012

Birth Story: Baby Indrani w Shweta Ganesh Kumar

    • Dear Chiqui,
      Please feel free to post my comment and any of the pictures of Indrani.
      She was born at 3:15 am on the 26th of Dec at St. Luke's Global.
      I started latent labour on the 24th and went in for an IE, but I had dilated only around 1 cm. I went home and was back the next day as the contractions were around 50 seconds long and 3 to five minutes apart. I was admitted after the IE as my baby's heart rate seemed to be dipping. She stabilized after I was put on oxygen and an IV drip for about half an hour.
      I moved to the birthing suite, where they removed the IV and I was allowed to walk, do my birthing exercises and Sagar and me also worked with a birthing ball.
      The contractions grew long and intense but dilation was just not happening despite being administered Bucospan, twice to thin the cervix. I had also lost my mucus plug early that morning.
      Finally I was started on Oxytocin. But by midnight despite my contractions regularizing at a pain range of 120-130 and closely within each other, my cervix did not dilate. And my baby's heart rate started shooting up dangerously and we had to go in for a C-section.

      However I was awake through the procedure and refused all sedatives. My baby latched on as soon as she was born and got an APGAR score of 9.9. Sagar was in the OT with me and cut the umbilical cord. 

      I did not use any pain relief through out the contractions, opting for abdominal breathing instead. I imagined each contraction as a high wave that I had to ride on to get to my baby. My attending nurse even said, 'Madam Chiqui's methods seems to be so effective. I have never seen anyone endure this high a contraction with only breathing' 

      Today Indrani is one week old and happily breast feeding and is the center of attention at home with both sets of grandparents around. She is the first baby in both our families 

      I just want to thank you for arming us with essential knowledge and perspective required for bringing a baby into our midst. 

      You have been such a positive influence through out this journey and I only wish that every expectant couple can have a teacher as wonderful as you.

      Warmest regards and love,

And this is something her very doting Aunt, Smita Rajgopalsent across :)
The snap of Indrani is the one her father clicked 10 minutes after her birth as she clung on to his finger :)
Our baby girl was born early this morning. CS after 24+ hours of labour by Shweta!

We are naming her Indrani. After the Hindu goddess of insight. Who claims the skies as her realm, and manifests as slivers of lightning to banish the darkness of the night.

(My leanings to hyperbole, it seems, were reserved for this event)

Both mother and daughter are doing great and are resting after their marathon effort. :)

(Thanks to Smita for taking my photos and coming up with this image) :)

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