Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Birth Story: by Miche Paralejo-Yanez

    • hi ms. chiqui! happy new year! sure you can grab photos! 

      My OB decided to induce me since my amniotic fluid was low and my cervix wasnt progressing- (less than 1cm) and the contractions that ive been feeling wasnt enough. I was induced around 1pm on Nov.7 and right after that i was contracting1-2 mins of interval. They gave me cerviprime and buscopan to be injected on me every 4 hrs. I felt the contractions right away and was in pain. I got stuck at 1cm for almost 8 hrs. and around 9pm my cervix measured 3cm. At that time i was already begging for epidural since my contractions were constant (less than a minute a part) and lasting for 1 min. But the doctors said that they can't give me epidural yet. At that time, i was giving up on having a normal dlivery because i couldnt handle the pain. Good thing my mom and my husband (was admitted at the high risk pregnancy unit in St lukes global) was there to motivate me to have a normal delivery. Around 1130pm my cervix was already 5 cm so they decided to give me the epidural. But it lasted for 2 hrs only, i was crying and was in extreme pain. around 230am they checked and said that i was fully dilated and around 4am i gave birth already.

      The childbirth class helped a lot since it gave me an idea on what will happen during labor and delivery. My doctor told me that i pushed well and that my breathing was correct.  Thank you for having a class like this bec it prepares future parents how to handle childbirth! 

      Thank you again Ms. Chiqui! 

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