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Birth Story: by Kat Hizon-Aligora

  • December 31, 2011
    Kat Hizon-Aligora
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      i was in early labor at 2:30am of dec 21. we went to the hospital at 3:30am coz the interval was about 2-5min already. Although the pain was bearable and I could still smile, we just wanted to make sure. We were sent home to wait for the labor to progress as I was only at 2cm. My husband knew that it wasn't time yet as he remembered the pointers that was taught in the class. At 4pm the pain was getting unbearable so I told my husband that I think we needed to go to the hospital. We reached makati med at 6pm of the same day. It took me an hour to get to the car as the labor was painful already plus another hour traffic. This time I didn't have time to fix my hair and couldn't smile at all. When the OB checked i was already in transition phase (7-8cm). The doctor gave me epidural right away and after a few minutes the pain was all gone and it felt good hehe.  At 7:47pm I delivered our son, Mateo Andres, at normal birth.

      We stayed in a birthing suite which Dr. Henson also prefers since my husband will be with me. She didn't require shaving so the itch of growing hair wasn't a problem. She said there is no relation to infections naman daw. So good! She let my husband do the counting when I was pushing for the baby to come out and the cutting of the ambilical cord.

      The birth class definitely helped. I was even referring to the manual as refreshers when I was having early labor. The class gave us a good conditioning on what we should do and prepared us for the birth itself. The breathing got me thru labor, my husband's involvement in the whole process (i.e. couching me on the breathing, giving me massages) was priceless and the pushing exercise we did surely helped me get thru the delivery.

      The OB said in my next pregnancy remind her not to send me home even if I'm 2cm pa lng coz it'll be faster the next time around.

      Oh, I am purely breastfeeding now. Very tiring. It's really a commitment but fullfilling at the same time knowing my baby will get the best nutrition. The plus side is I've almost lost the tummy of pregnancy (2-3 inches to go) and 20 pounds of my preggy weight in 10 days. Galing how God designed our bodies in relation to our babies - both benefits.


dreamgiver said...

Hi! Congratulations on ur delivery. Happy Mommyhood! I'll be a mom myself in July this year. Can you share how much was the birthing package in MMC? Can hubby stay with me inside the delivery room? Looking forward to your inputs. Thanks.

International Freight Forwarder said...

Congrats for having a new angel!

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