Monday, October 31, 2011

Birth Story: Leah & Arvin Atal Welcome to Birth Class PCC 204, Day 1

Beautiful Leah!

Day 1 Arvin is secretary of the group sharing common ideas.

Leah in the farthest end of the line doing her warm up exercise.

Shake shake shake off the hands.

Best exercise for back aches!

 Day 2 Again, Leah and Arvin are ones in the farthest picture.

The Butterfly, an exercise to prevent sore and shaking legs during pushing.

"I do" moment!


Arvin said...

Thanks, Chiqui! We learned a lot from the class and it was just Day 1. It's totally worth it and we can't wait for the next classes! See you again soon.

Chiqui Brosas said...

Hi Arvin! I'm so glad you enjoyed the class. I hope I will be able to prepare you and Leah for the special event. I know, based on your eagerness alone that you will do well in labor. More power to both of you! You know where to find me if you need me.

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