Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birth Story: Chami & Robbie Candelaria, Photos of Hospital Procedure for CS.

Thanks to Chami & Robbie Candelaria
8 hours ago
Chami Candelaria
  • Hi Chiqui!!! Thank you ha! Yes, pls do! We really wanted to have a normal delivery but i have bicornuate uterus and its safer to deliver via cs! Even then, the class opened our minds to what could happen during birth (we really expected for the worst) that's why we were very much prepared during the big day! Haha you can see how relaxed we were! And few weeks before giving birth, i was in and out of the hosp and was advised to have bed rest due to pre-term contractions! During those times, robbie would coach me on the appropriate breathing techniques! =)Now, baby and I are in excellent condition

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