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Article: by Chiqui Brosas, Rooming In is the Answer

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“Breastfeeding was actually the primary reason why I preferred to room in with my child,” says Maggie Gochuico, 32, who gave birth to her first child Daniel 3 ½ years ago. “It was very convenient for me since I could sleep while breastfeeding. Plus, I didn’t have to go to the nursery anymore. And my child easily learned how to breastfeed.”

Sounds simple isn’t it? In fact, most mothers really want to get hold of their babies once they are born. They cuddle, kiss and never grow tired of watching them.

In 1Samuel 1:23B in the bible, Hannah nursed her son, Samuel, and took care of him until he was weaned before she brought him to Eli, the high priest, to be given to the Lord as she promised to serve Him. Even Hannah realized the importance of being with her son from birth until he was weaned.

I believe babies were never meant to be separated from their mothers, especially after birth. They thrive and grow better when they are beside their mothers. They are better nurtured and nourished. They feel safer, contented and more secure in their mother’s arms. Through my years of teaching childbirth classes, I have noticed these babies to be happier and quieter. A lot of other mothers who have also roomed in and breastfeed have commented on this.

Here are nine reasons why ROOMING IN your new born is essential.

Recovery is Faster. You, as a mother, get a head start in breastfeeding; hence, the breast milk comes out earlier, which is good for her baby. Furthermore, recovery for the mother is much faster since she gets to breastfeed more often and as a result, her uterus can return to its original shape and size much faster.

On the job training. The mother can learn about her baby's sleeping patterns, different cues and cries, how to carry and burp her baby and how to give him/her a bath. The adjustment from the hospital to the home is smoother and easier.

One-on-one basis. Caring for the baby is on a one on one basis unlike in the nursery where the nurse is caring for several babies. This results to peace of mind for the mother since she gets to see her baby all the time and the common concern regarding switching of babies is not likely.

Mother’s arms keep babies warm. Newborn babies don’t have the control over their temperature so it’s very essential that they may be kept dry and warm. One way of doing so is to have them under their mother’s wings. Putting a cap on his head and covering the baby with a warm blanket also help. Plus, contact with your baby’s skin can keep him/her warm.

Increased sleep. Many mothers claim that when they have their child in the room with them, they don’t get to sleep as much as when the baby is in the nursery. But recent research has revealed that it’s quite the opposite. Knowing that the baby is safe and sound in their arms make mothers actually snooze better.

Not have to rush. Entitled to privacy, the mother has all the time she wants to be with her baby. She is more comfortable in her room and does not have to rush.

Great bonding. A bond develops between father and baby, the mother and her newborn. This is the best way to start a family unity. This is the first sign of a relationship – you are telling your newborn child that you are more than his parents, that you love him unconditionally. Besides, if you don't room in with your baby, the father does not get the chance to touch or hold his/her baby right away. He only gets to see him from the glass window of the nursery. The immediate family, the eager grand parents and siblings can also interact with the baby and have a close encounter with him/her.

Immediate advice. The mother can get to talk and see the pediatrician every time he/she visits the baby. She is able to ask all the questions about her baby right there and then.

Needs are met immediately. And more important, the mother has immediate access to her baby and can attend to her infant’s needs immediately.

            So whether you are thinking of forming that all-important relationship with your child or just want to breastfeed your new infant immediately, think of rooming in. It’s the best way to give your child a healthy start.

Photos courtesy of Johanna Sampan

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