Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birth Story: Rej Hahn-Siy, Princess, Now is Not the Right Time to Give Birth!

It was the first time I visited someone confined in St. Lukes Medical Center (SLMC) in Global City It's beautiful, modern, new and clean.

My daughter called me last Wednesday evening asking how a contraction feels like. She thinks she has been experiencing a few of them. I asked if she has been timing them and for how long has it been that way. She wasn't sure but they seemed regular and has been that way for over a while. The problem is, her tolerance to pain is high. (Plus based on how much I know her, she is a brave and tough cookie... though she may seem very quiet, reserved and fragile).

I asked if she had called her OB Gyn. She was actually given a tablet to take and advised to rest in bed... but it wasn't helping. She wanted to know if she had to go to the hospital. I thought, it's better to know. Better safe than sorry. If it's false then she doesn't have to worry, she will just be sent home and no harm done. So, yes I told her to go to the hospital to have herself checked just in case she was indeed contracting. It was too early to give birth, 27 weeks! No way! It'll be too risky to have the baby this early. I called her after a few hours and true enough she has having preterm contractions and was advised to stay in the high risk room where she was attached on a fetal monitor for continuous monitoring with an i.v. drip. She was to be on complete bed rest.

I visited her the following morning and got to meet her charming, energetic, young, pretty OB. She wanted to be certain my daughter's cervix was not dilating so she had an ultrasound done externally and internally. Thank goodness she was not funneling. Cervix was intact.

The following day she was in the suite, no more i.v., bed rest and fetal monitor, just the 3 times a day oral tablet to stop the contractions. I went to visit her and she said she noticed at around 5pm she was having moderate to mild contractions again of around 3 mins. apart. Back to the intensive care unit, i.v., fetal monitor and complete bed rest. She was given an intramuscular injection to help mature the baby's lungs just in case she continues to labor and baby is born earlier. She will have another dose the following day.

As I watch my Princess, I'm so very proud of her. She is such an obedient, cooperative, uncomplaining, calm patient. She does everything her doctor tells her. i believe this is so because she loves her baby so much and intends to keep her till full term. I'm just as proud to say that her hubby on the other hand is so supportive, concerned and caring. When I look at both of them, I can't help notice how compatible they are. I admire the love and respect they show each other. I thank God for His goodness and faithfulness in their lives.

It's amazing how in some ways my daughter is different from me and how in some ways we're alike. I carried all my children to full term with no experience of preterm labor what so ever! To me, that proves to show that every mother is different, unique and special. Please pray with me for my Princess to reach to full term and for a healthy baby girl.

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