“Anyone who thinks women are the weaker sex never witnessed childbirth.” – Author Unknown

Childbirth is one experience eagerly awaited by most couples – although most mothers, particularly those who are giving birth for the first time, may feel some amount of fear or uncertainty as their due date nears. Such fear stems from their lack of experience or from incomplete information about what to expect.
Although couples cannot really totally prepare for childbirth, as no one can tell the time nor the hour or the manner, it still helps to get as much information about the birth experience for as they say: “Knowing is half the battle.”
About Chiqui Brosas-Hahn’s Prepared Childbirth Classes and Other Services:
Chiqui Brosas-Hahn offers classes, services, and products to expectant couples, as well as new parents in the Philippines. She holds Childbirth Classes for couples and these can be given on a group or private (one-on-one) basis. One class typically runs for 4 sessions, once a week, every month.
She likewise offers classes covering aspects like baby care, breastfeeding, and first aid. She is also into lactation management and breast and pregnancy massage and sells/rents out items which expectant or new parents may need. These include: baby apparel and furniture; toys; breastfeeding pumps and outfits; and maternity belts. Some of the brands that she carries are: Avent, Medela, Chicco, Pigeon, Chu Chu, Safety 1st, Cosco, Smart Babies Playpen, Step 1, Shelcore, Vtech, Barbie, My Scene, Winxs, and Timelife Books. If you are interested in Cord Blood Banking, Chiqui can also assist you.
Who Can Benefit from Attending Chiqui’s Classes?
Expectant couples, new parents, grandparents, midwives, caregivers, and nannies will benefit from attending the available classes. Aside from having access to useful information and techniques which will make them better and more prepared parents and caregivers, the classes also provide a good time to bond and be together in a worthwhile activity.
Who is Chiqui Brosas Hahn and When Did She Start Her Childbirth Classes?
Chiqui Brosas Hahn is a mother of 5 beautiful children – all breastfed and all born naturally, without drugs and medication. She is a Certified Bradley Instructor, has been a Childbirth Educator since 1991, and is also a Breastfeeding Advocate. She has a degree in International Business Administration and was also Binibining Pilipinas and the 4th runner up in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant in 1975.
Chiqui is a firm believer in freedom of choice based on education; empowerment through knowledge; and having passion, dedication, and commitment in everything she does. Her 17-year track record in helping couples have a more pleasant and informed “birth experience” demonstrates her passion and commitment to her mission and vocation.
If you would like to inquire about Chiqui’s classes and product offerings, you may reach her through the following contact information:
Olive 0917-477-0628 or 
Email: birthtimes@gmail.com

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“…So the Lord answers, ‘Can a woman forget her own baby and not love the child she bore? Even if a mother should forget her child, I will never forget you…’” (Isaiah 49:15 TEV)