Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Article: Have Baby, Will Prepare: Childbirth Class

Congratulations on your first born! Love your photos in the DR. Enjoy motherhood!
2. Enroll in a Childbirth Class.

My Mama gave birth to 2 of my sisters through Lamaze, together with my Papa, they encouraged B and I to enroll in a childbirth class. They said that it was a wonderful and memorable experience for them, so enroll in a childbirth class we did.
We took Chiqui Brosas' class around my 27th week of pregnancy. For four Sunday afternoons, lasting 3 hours each, we learned about what to expect regarding natural childbirth, pregnancy and breathing exercises, massages and breastfeeding. 
I researched and read about pregnancy and childbirth through various sites and books, but nothing compared to learning from the actual, firsthand experience of someone who has trained and studied about Natural Childbirth.
This class has also brought B and I closer, as he was my 'coach' and motivator. Together we learned about how we could give our child her best birthday gift, a natural birth.
The things we learned really came in handy when it was time for H to say hello. I had a relatively short labor (lasting almost 8 hours), and was a generally calmed and relaxed laboring woman (right B?). When it came to push, my OB told me that I was a 'good pusher', and so H came out just after 3 pushes.

So, thanks again Ms. Chiqui! :)

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ToniAsti said...

Hi Ms Chiqui! I also posted about our experience in your childbirth class: http://tonisummersunshine.blogspot.com/2011/10/have-baby-will-prepare-pt-2.html

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